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Welcome to Mid-Atlantic Steam. This was designed as a one player map that runs in 4 Eras from 1835 to 1912. That said, testing was done with AI and the map played fine. The map features some new goods, industries and other material. There is a good named Light. Please ignore it as it has no value. There are no crossovers. To cross track you must switch through. This is a SAM (Stand Alone Map). Please insure that there are no other files in your Usermaps or Custom Assets folders. Within the map’s Warehouse folder you will find a Goods List – a simple Notepad text file, which you may find useful. I hope you enjoy the map.


15 thoughts on “Mid-Atlantic Steam

  1. Dan Moriarty

    I seem to be among the first to use this game (Mid Atlantic Steam) and I can not get the trains to load anything but passengers and mail. I have used both of the first two engines and have run through the time allotted for first goal which includes food (I am trying to bring grain to a flour mill and flour to a bakery which will allow me to supply food)but without success. I have laid the right rails and established stations at the right suppliers but only the passenger and mail icons are lighted; the rest are indicated but remain grey, refusing to let me load grain etc. What am I missing?

  2. Slider38

    I have seen this before. I am sorry for your trouble with the map. I think this problem can be fixed by adding this line to each of the engines listed in the RRT_Trains_Mid_Atlantic_Steam.xml file. Just open the xml file and add this line somewhere in the listing for each engine. I never encountered this issue but apparently this is being set to “1” by your game which would only allow the train to carry passengers and mail. Adding this line somewhere in each engine’s listing should solve that problem. 0

  3. Slider38

    I guess these comments cannot contain any special characters. If you look at the game’s original RRT_Trains.xml and check the listing for the TGV about halfway down is a line PassengersAndMailOnly which is set to a 1 which means it can only carry passengers and mail. You need to add that line with it set to 0. You will have to add the special characters which I can’t do in this comment.

  4. Dan Moriarty

    Thank you for such a quick reply. I have tried to follow your advice but I confess to failure. I confess to being technologically maladept but when I open the trains file you suggest I see mostly lines of numbers with none of them labeled as “passengers and mail only” or anything like that. When I look at the strings of numbers following, for example, the grasshopper group I see something called Planet Bridge in which there are two single numbers, one a 1 and one a 0, and I tried to change them to see if that might work, but I found my computer would not allow me to make any changes at all. Am I doomed to play the game with passengers and mail only or there some other possibility?

  5. Helena-Sophia

    Thank You very much for all Your great maps. They helped me to get over the recent lockdown…

  6. Slider38

    Dan, I tried to send you a private message earlier today but could not find you in the listings of members. Send me a private message on this board and I will send you back a new RRT_Trains_Mid_America_Steam.xml file that you can just copy over the one you have. It has all the passengerandmail changes in it. My username here is Slider38

  7. Slider38

    OK. The map zip has been updated with a new RRT_Trains_Mid_Atlantic_Steam.xml which contains the passengerandmail lines in each engine listing. If you have already downloaded the map and had no issues running it, there is no need to download it again. The addition of these lines in the trains xml is the only change. Dan Moriarty, download the map again and this should solve your issue.

  8. Dan Moriarty

    I got it and it seems to work. Hazzah!! I am very much looking forward to playing this game. Thanks for your efforts, I really appreciate them.

  9. Guy Meyer

    Hello Slider38,

    When I first installed and played Mid-Atlantic Steam, I was only able to load passengers and mail. Then I read Dan’s email and realized I had company.

    Like Dan, I lack the skills to modify the code. Thank you Slider38 for taking care of that for us fossils.

    I love the map. It is wonderful!


  10. Slider38

    Glad you got it working for you. I am making sure to put the problem line in my new map’s RRT_trains xml so that will not be an issue going forward. Thanks for playing. Slider

  11. Irfan

    I tried running the map on my Mac and the app is stuck on the loading screen without any progress. I’m using version 1.2 I think.

  12. Slider38

    I’m sorry. I have no idea if this will run on a Mac. I’ve never had one and wouldn’t know what had to be done to get it to run on an Apple machine.

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