Western Kentucky

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Download: Western Kentucky V2 ZIP

Western Kentucky was designed as a one player SAM (Stand Alone Map). It plays in 3 Eras which run from 1956 to 2005. It features a good deal of new content. There are no crossovers – you must switch through to cross an existing track. Within the zip file you will find a Goods List which you will find helpful.

If you wish to play against AI, you might want to open the RRT_Bridges_Western_Kentucky.xml and change the overlap bridge
prices to 1500. This will allow you to cross over AI tracks. I hope you enjoy Western Kentucky.

~ Slider38

10 thoughts on “Western Kentucky

  1. Guy

    Good Morning Slider38. What a nice surprise you have for us this morning! Thank you, and I shall download and play later today! Thanks again!


  2. bitseek

    slider38, we need you more than ever now to come up with new maps to play with as we are all stuck at home looking for things to do while we wait out on Covid!

  3. slider38

    Im working as fast as I can. Mid-Atlantic Steam is well under way. I have most of the industries built but still have a few engines and train cars to get done. Sorry but it will be a while yet.

  4. slider38

    I am sorry the game does not work for you Minotaur. I can run it on my Windows 10 desktop. The next map Mid-Atlantic Steam is underway. Most of the industries and train cars are done. Still have a few engines to build. Then the real work begins. Afraid it will be a while yet. Perhaps you should give map making a try bitseek. I’ll bet you could come up with some great ideas.

  5. slider38

    I am working on Mid_Atlantic Steam. Most of the industries and train cars are built, but I still have a few engines to get through. Then the real work begins. I’m afraid it will be a while yet.

  6. slider38

    Minotaur – I should have thought of this sooner. Look at the Scenario.xml and using Notepad or an xml editor, open each of the xml files that are Global – i.e. the xmls do not contain the map name such as the RRT_Goods.xml. Just open them and then re-save them. That will give them a current date. If you have a more recent install of SMR, the game may be pulling the wrong version of those files. Update the audio xmls, the Difficulty.xml, the Goods.xml and the Events.xml. When the game goes through the list of xmls it needs to run the map, it looks at the files included with the map as well as the standard files that come with the game. If it finds 2 files with the same name, it uses the most recent one it finds. If it pulls one from the standard game files instead of the one from the map, you get a crash. If you are running from an old install, this probably won’t help, but if you have a recent install of SMR, this may well solve your issue. Good luck.

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