New a copy of SMR for Mac from Feral Interactive


[p]Feral Interactive is hosting a very punny* contest over at facebook:[/p]

[p]To win all you have to do is come up with the best railroading pun.[/p]

[p]Even if you are not a Mac I’d suggest checking out the competition. The current entries already had me rolling* (stock) with laughter. [/p]

[p]I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with once this contest rolls into the station*.[/p]

[p]*I’m not very good at puns.[/p]

One thought on “New a copy of SMR for Mac from Feral Interactive

  1. Rick

    Maybe it is me but, I am getting confused in several areas of the game. First off I should state that I only play Table Top mode and am having a blast thanks to all that have contributed like maps and tips. My problems are these. Say I buy a train and the map shows me that it is going to take a certain path from point A to B. Great but then it does not take that path and sometimes ends up going around in circles never reaching it’s destination and returning (say from coal to a city that makes steel). I have tried many ways to correct this, get frustrated and end up quitting. Another problem; what side of the track(s) to put say a depot or annex? Does it even make a difference? I would say so as the train leave going in one direction or the other thus taking a longer path. I got plenty more but I will start with these. Anyone out there reading you can email me direct if you like. One last thing, to all those out there who have made or are making maps. I know true physical features are key for authenticity but it raises hell with you PC and run time. I learned this the hard way making pas for Command and Conquer games. Thanks people, peace.

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