Howdy Partner, This here is the Four Corners Dual Map – a version to play against AI, and a Solo version for those with a pioneering spirit. It features an open pit copper mine, new trains, traincars, some new industry… Now a’fore you jump right into it, you be sure and read this Readme file so’s to get off on the right foot. See ya in the Four Corners sonny! This map did not start out to as a dual map. I had intended to try and build a map that would require some development work on the part of the player. It quickly became obvious during testing, that the AI players could not deal with this type of environment. They don’t develope anything. They will use whatever is available, but that’s it. Thus the map became an AI version and a Solo version. I would urge you not to use AI in conjunction with the Solo map. The AI will either spend all their money stretching long track runs across the map, or they may just sit in their starting locations and do nothing. Either way, it doesn’t make for much fun.