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  1. Slider38

    Hey Scott, I know it’s big due to the number of individual industries, engines, etc., but I hope you’ll give it a try. I think you’ll find it interesting. Slider

  2. Otto

    Can’t start the game with your map 🙁 It crashes at the begining, does not load at all…

  3. Otto

    I read all the posts, but a don’t know how to unpack .fpk files. What program should i use?

  4. Scott

    Finally downloaded and played. Never could get the first FPK extractor program to work, had to follow the additional link and use the other tool. In all it took about 45min to track down the programs and unpack the FPK files so I could play.

    The scenario is fun, veeerrrry long runs required, and most cities can be interlinked in at least a couple of different patterns; however, providing only one KFC Distribution center restricts you to a couple mandatory runs. Would like to see some additional scenery added; I don’t believe there is a single tree on the whole map. And although I associate Kentucky with green pastures, there are also a lot of rock formations – especially along the rivers.

    One final note, the price of track and tunnels a really cheap. By the middle of the game you can run tunnels or bridges 3/4 of the way across the map without any concerns.

    I rate it an 8 out of 10 making it a must play.

  5. Warll Post author

    Thanks to Snoopy this map has been updated with one that does not contian FKPs, if you have been experiencing stability problems please re-download the map.

  6. k-class

    WOW version 2 guys rates for me a top map 10 out 10

    SAM: My Old Kentucky Home SAM

    Created By: Slider38

    SAMed by: Slider38

    Tested By: STEP Inc

    No crashes, all the goods and industries work, great details on the trains and tenders, wagons etc I like the extra detail that went into adding the railroad name to things. Loads of industries and goods. Good choice of engines very detailed excellent.

    Different music for the cities goes with the theme and glad I have a volume control well done on getting this working.

    I liked this map as you didn’t have to ship goods or people to things like farms / goal mines etc to get goods. Great idea I like this sometimes but other times you just want to get on with it so great to see this map has not been over complicated with this.

    This is one action packed fast paced map and you need to get things happening quickly.

    Well done slider38 great map

  7. Amr

    I’ve downloaded the non-FPK version of this map and I can not get it to run. I’ve done all the basic prereqs (3g enabler, clear UserMaps, Saves, customassets) and it still will not get past the loading screen. Would love to be able to play it. So far the only map that adds new engines that I’ve been able to play is Basin and Range.

  8. Amr

    Thanks Snoopy, tried to register, but was having trouble with the final anti-spam thing, even though I’m pretty sure I was getting it right, it kept telling me I had it wrong. Oh well, will try again later.

  9. Depx

    I like this map a lot, but I had one problem. I wanted to make a steel mill in a closer city, but when I tried to make it I couldn’t select it because there are too many different industries than what the UI will show. Any way to fix that at all?

  10. SMR-Fan from Berlin

    Very nice map and mod!

    The trains and the the very many different music tracks are so fine.

    Well done!

    Is there a chance, that Slider38 will create a new thing?
    I would love that.

  11. Drapik

    I think that this map does not reveal its potential. There’s good geography, trains and goods, excellent music, but the economy is not finalized, and the win conditions involve only one way: 1) food, 2) steel in Louisville..

  12. hang

    i cant get many of maps working, what should i do? i got 3gb enabler and copied all the stuff to my USermaps folder, buy every time i load it crashes out…

  13. hang

    looks like i copied some stuff to Assets in original SMR directory, and it wont start any map now, fuck….

  14. SwiftR

    Thanks Slider for this great map. I love the music you added. And the added industries.

  15. Alan

    Thanks for this map. It is so refreshing to play a map that does not crash or you keep having to save. Not to difficult either for us old uns.

  16. Don Ayres

    I just got done with POTUS status on this map, and I love it! Really like the music selection you choose for the game throughout the eras. Definitely one of my favs, and though I did have issues, only crashed on me twice. This is one I’m going to spend a while with. On a 1-10 rating, 10 and two thumbs up!

  17. thepabray

    This is a great map with fantastic attention paid to detail: the music, the engines, the trains’ livery, the location of distilleries. There are even geographically-accurate bluish colourings of the grass around Lexington.

    I have beaten the objectives on RB with no AIs commencing in Evansville, with the first set of objectives the hardest (done with one month to spare!). Don’t be fooled by how simple the objectives appear to be. A good challenge, not overly taxing or complex.

    If I could suggest an improvement, it might be to perhaps include a KFC objective in the final set, and perhaps a gasoline objective. Overall, an excellent map which I really enjoyed playing without a single crash.

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