Sid Meier’s Railroads has a long history of crashing. We’ve had fixes yes, but many of them are buried in ancient forum topics. This article summarizes the various bugs and known fixes. It should relieve nearly all known issues with Sid Meiers Railroad. It is organized into two sections, general fixes for bugs that effect the SMR game engine and ‘Custom map fixes’, for bugs that create defective custom maps. The majority of crashes are caused by ‘General’ bugs since these are defects in the users install of SMR while ‘custom map’ bugs are problems with the map itself.

General Fixes

Install Patch 1.10 Prior to 1.10 SMR was still a very unstable game. Updating SMR to 1.10 is critical. You do not need to install the 1.01 patch before 1.10 since 1.10 contains all the changes 1.01 had. Blame Firaxis for the close version numbers. If you were having problems and SMR was not updated to 1.10, then stop reading this article and update it. The 1.10 patch download. 3GB Enabler Large maps logically use more RAM, unfortunately by default Railroads.exe only uses 2GB which means it will crash when it tries to use more than this. The 3GB Enabler allows Railroads.exe to use more than 2GB. If your experiencing crashes while playing large maps follow SMR Simple’s guide on installing the 3GB Enabler. Empty the maps folder Most maps cannot be installed while another custom map is present. This includes the ‘Holiday scenario’ official custom map. Make sure to clean out other custom maps before installing a new map, use the ‘How to empty “my games/sid meiers railroads”‘ guide. Stock maps will crash while SAM or CIC maps are installed If you have any SAM or CIC maps installed you will not be able to play the normal stock maps that originaly were included in SMR. To play stock maps again simply remove the SAM or CIC map.

Custom Map Fixes

Random Crashes due to Events.xml Any map which uses a customized list of Goods must use an Events.xml which  does not contian any events that reference Goods which the map does not contian.  Should a random event come up which needs a good the map does not include in goods.xml the game will crash.  Because these crashes are random they are the most painful and mysterious to debug.