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All 14 Cities are villages and each has 3 industries already. Cities are not so near as in maps by developer, I mean how can you create junctions on track if cities are so near that sometimes even some length of train is in one city and rest in other. You get good amount of space to build tracks. Also terrain is mountainous and hilly. There are 4 starting locations at corners of map.

16 thoughts on “Himachal

  1. Fredrick

    Loading beer cars cause an error message, but game does not crash. Able to keep on playing.

  2. jancsika

    I did a little checking. The only problem I have encountered was with the TGV train. It will crash when loading freight.
    I will make the corrections, (there might have been some earlier ones too) and upload it to morrow.
    If you are playing now, just avoid using the TGV loco.
    The dual locomotives are working OK.

  3. Dayle

    Really great map nice work, would love to see tenders on the steam engines though, that would top it off!

  4. Warll

    @Domisvp: Have you been able to get anycustom map to work?

    Do you happen to have any other maps installed while your trying to play these maps?

  5. Eightman

    Great Map. Extremely challenging for the first time. There are some spelling errors in the cities names in the instructions. It was a little hard to follow. This map and the Shanghai map crash almost at the end of the game. Any thoughts on how to fix that?

  6. Евгений

    Не пойму зачем так сильно урезана скорость движения локомотивов при загрузке? Испортило всё впечатление от прекрасно настроенной карты

  7. karsten

    Crashes must be a specific problem with your installation, maybe you forgot to delete all files in Usermap and Customassets before installing those for Himachal? I played this scenario through without a crash, zero problems.

  8. lalit

    i think i will try it again then,though other maps work for me hence I could not have missed things,but still will give it a go and write what happens afterwards.

  9. Brian Preece

    Great map. I managed all of the challenges except achieving 500M net worth, but you need to start from the city at the bottom right. Also you mustn’t create any industries other than the ones in the scenarios because there aren’t any spare empty slots

  10. gerd

    Great map! But I cannot choose a steel mill in “Build a new factory”. Steel mill is not available. So I cannot win.

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