Forum moved and a contest!


Just a heads up, the forum has now moved permanently to be hosted under smrsimple. Over the years we’ve outgrown our old home at Hooked Gamers and so Falconer was kind enough to hand off everything to me.

To start everything off we’re having a contest. More specifically the “2010 Screenshot Contest!” head over the the 2010 Sid Meier’s Railroad Screenshot Contest! topic to learn more.

16 thoughts on “Forum moved and a contest!

  1. Bus

    I can’t register the forum, it says “No anti-bot question answered”, but I cannot see a bot question, there isn’t one!

  2. Warll Post author

    I just tried making a new account and you are right, I am going to fix that right now.

  3. Warll Post author

    Ok for the time being I have removed all registration protection since none of them were working. I will research a solution, I am sorry about the trouble and thank you very much for bringing it to my attention.

  4. K

    Yah I can’t seem to register on the forum either if somebody could help that would be great

  5. Pureon

    I found a bug – if you type your password in wrong more than 3 times you get asked for a code which doesn’t exist. This message pops up:
    ‘Enter the confirm code from the image you see below’

    But there is no image. BTW, I’m locked out now and can’t get to the forums unless I create a new account. Email me Warll?

  6. Warll Post author

    I’ve turned off the maximum login attempt count. Another solution would have been to request a password reset, although that might have also asked for a captcha.

  7. Pureon

    Yep I tried reseting the password, but it was still requesting the code for verification.

    It’s now not accepting any passwords I try, including brand new passwords sent to my email. Are the password resets being directed to the correct database?

    Anyway, no stress, my map went into self destruct mode after too much texturing, so I’m not doing anything interesting I can post about 🙁

  8. Warll Post author

    I’ve set your account to “v”, you should recive an email allowing you to activate the account, hopefully that will clear it up. Otherwise I can manually change the password.

  9. Pureon

    Thanks for trying Warll. After I click on the link in the reactivation email it still says the account has been deactivated, no matter what I try.

    ‘Your account has been manually deactivated and is only able to be reactivated by an administrator’

    You must hate me by now…

  10. gofer

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  11. Warll

    Ah thank you! I missed it since we’ve had a legitimate Russia commenter recently.

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