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Here’s my China map for “Railroads!”.
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China (Shanghai)

Wikipedia page on China

Key features:

  • Large 15×15 size map
  • Semi-realistic DEM (Digital Elevation Model) based terrain
  • Lots of Chinese towns and cities, accurately placed as far as possible
  • This map is all about connecting the right cities, at the right time.
  • Follow the links to Wikipedia articleson China from this page.

The Single-player Scenario includes these four eras::

13 thoughts on “Shanghai

  1. CV

    I think it’s a little too easy. All you have to do is connect the cities and issue passengertrains between the cities. You can ignore all the industry. All you basicly have to do is lay a basic rail network.

    At the end you can make monstrous sums of money with using TGV trains between distant cities 😀

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  3. Austin

    There is never any demand for Textiles or Medicines. They can be produced, but are never in demand.

  4. jancsika

    Medicine is demanded in Beijing.
    There is no demand for Textiles. (Mike??)

  5. Gaydon


    Just got your mod working and I love the concept. I’ve a quick question though, is it possible to build up a smelter industry within cities? I’m not giving the option when I click on the ‘setup’ industry button. The same goes for cotton etc, all I get are the first 10. How do I see the others?


  6. Tangook

    Great Map. very large and diversify landscape, I enjoyed it very mush. Thank you.

    BTW, there’re no demand for Textile and Beer.

  7. Rick

    Sorry might be nice map but you cannot get to all the cities or whatever as they are off the map. I have seen this a lot in a number of maps.

  8. Irfan

    WarII, is there a way on how to add custom music for cities? I tried to make one using Audio3DScripts.xml and AudioDefines.xml but the original SMR music keep playing and none of my custom songs were ever played.

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