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Back in September of 2008 I was looking thru some photos of shortlines and found the Aberdeen, Carolina and Western. After much help from the members of STEP Inc and a lot of sleepless nights we came up with this 18×18 map of south-central North Carolina. This railroad was created to take over a job that a couple of larger railroads didn’t want to do anymore, and has prospered since.

For more information on the ACWR go here: http://www.acwr.com/

If you go into ‘CUSTOMERS’ and scroll down you will find access to a map of the present line. The map you are playing is laid out as close to this as I could get, with the businesses placed where they appear also. The idea of this map is to lay single rail, with the shortest possible branch lines to access Annexes. Passing track should only be laid at depots as needed. Bridges are expensive and there are only two types, Stone for short bridges and Deck Girder, which is very costly, for the one needed crossing of the river. The Stone are expensive, so conform to the landscape as much as possible. Tunnels are allowed, IF you want to lay out $30 Million a section!

Now you can probably run this map, and most likely win, if you just make runs where you chose, but that is not the real challenge of it. One track from Charlotte to Gulf, and one from somewhere between Star and Troy down to Aberdeen, and take it from there. The other thing is to have only one of each Engine on the map at a time. Here is the list of Engines and the year they appear:

1992 — ACWR 3802 GP38-2
1994 — ACWR 3803 GP38-2
2002 — ACWR 703 GP40-2WL
2003 — ACWR 2077 GP38-2
2004 — ACWR 9556 GP40-2WL
2007 — ACWR 4500 F7A
2007 — ACWR 4501 F7A
2008 — ACWR 9529 GP40-2WL

The map also contains a few new cars, a tank container, a flat car hauling steel plates, a rib-sided covered hopper and a high-sided open hopper. I’d also like to thank MrScott1964 for his four coal cars, the C&O, the DLW, the Erie and the LV. They saved me a few days work. Thanks also goes to Choobacca for his BN and BNSF covered hoppers, which I upped the detail on for this map.

One last thing, one of our testers mentioned that the pointer was difficult for him to use. If this is the case for you, just go in and delete the Pointer.ani file and you’ll go back to the original pointer.

To use the attached files, place all three files in the same folder and click on 001. It will create a folder called AC&W.7z which will contain the folder AC&W and the Warehouse.FPK file. Place these into your UserMaps. You can now play the map. You might want to do a zip of the folder first for storage for later playing.

Good luck and watch for head-butting engines.

As always if you find any errors, drop us a line and we’ll pull the maintenance crew out of their card game and get them right on it.

56 thoughts on “Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railroad

  1. LoudMusic

    I like that bridges and tunnels cost realistic amounts, but in several cases I was able to construct rail that should have been a bridge but was not calculated as bridge. It was just track suspended in the air at track cost. I don’t know if that’s a game bug or a custom map bug but I’ve never seen it happen before.

  2. Warll Post author

    Ah I’ve done that before. On all maps sometimes the track laying will break like that even if the tunnels/bridges are cheap.

  3. RailLover

    I really like that this is taken from a real company. Adds to the realism. Especially like the fact that you start out with just enough money to put together the main line, and a few necessary depots to accomplish the first mission. Then if you planned it right you have enough to branch out. Also liked the fact you start out with modern locomotives. No grasshoppers here ;-P

  4. K-class

    Hello, nice map is missing Report_industry_Oakboro_Oil.dds and one bridge like LoudMusic above no bridge just track.

  5. snoopy55

    Thank you all for playing the map and your comments. And thank you K-class for reporting the error. The employee was docked 40 hours pay. We also looked into the bridge thing and think it may have been settings we did to keep long bridges from being built. We decided to take another path to that, simply raising the cost of the bridges. They are still cheaply made, the bridge company owner is just getting a bigger mansion and yacht, and the four contenders for Head CEO of Step Inc are getting 15% of it.

  6. Pete

    I’m using it on steam, but I couldn’t find the ‘001’ file mentioned, so i just copied the files from the folder (loose) into the User folder. Now it just craches when loading the game 🙁

  7. Warll Post author

    Oh sorry, since smrSimpe doesn’t have an upload size limit I had merged the files.

    All you need to do is extract the zip file’s contents to the mygame/railroads folder.

  8. Jancsika

    Well, finally I’ve managed to complete this map ( only cheated, just a little). Most
    maps that are trying to recreate real world situation fail to generate too much
    excitement, because of the plain terrain and the utilization of the limited variety
    of goods that can be converted and manipulated. ( coal – steel – automobile, just
    does not generate too much excitement).
    The terrain limitation was overcome by limiting the routing to a strict
    requirement of the way the track have to be laid. You are not told how and
    where lay those tracks, but you better lay them correctly, otherwise you will be
    in trouble.
    As for the goods and industries, there are a large variety of new goods,
    industries, new buildings. (Now I know, where talcum powder is coming from)
    Most players of this game do not realize how much work it is to create a new
    industry and make it work.
    The cities will have to grow to accept certain goods, but by growing they will not
    take some other goods. (you better deliver that lumber to that Town or Village,
    because the City will not take it).
    As of the mechanics of the game, it performed flawlessly, no crashes whatsoever.
    STEP Inc. did an excellent job.

  9. Woobik


    Your site is great. I love this game but have bunches of problems. I followed the directions and made sure that my folders were empty. extracted the map and the warehouse file to my usermaps and when i launch the game it goes into the loading screen, it cycles and says miscounting rivets and all the other little thingys that it says and crashes. I have had no luck with any of the maps at all… any tips? I have a steam install

  10. snoopy55

    Woobik, sorry I missed this, but I’ve been running between my present Mexico map and work on a lot of Canadian materials for a few to come. Those border guys at both ends are getting to know me well 😉

    Sounds like you need some assistance with your game, altho we all know this game itself needs assistance.

    I wouldn’t normally do this Warll, but it’s a bit difficult to help the person here. It can be deleted after he has responded to it if you want.

    Go on over to http://eric.bkbobby.com/index.php and I’ll not only help you get this map going, but hopefully all the others. See you there.

  11. Sapper99

    I love this map. Is there an industry chart for this that shows what industries convert what materials? Would love to have it if there is

  12. Jancsika

    “I love this map. Is there an industry chart for this that shows what industries convert what materials?”
    That would be cheating ;>)
    You can make one yourself. With a Text editor open the RRT_Industries.xlm file, there you can see each industry’s production list. Be careful not to change anything. It would be better to have it backed up.

  13. Kevin

    Played this map again since the update and I really enjoyed this map played flawlessly and had a great range of goods, great looking rail wagons.

    As described there is some challenges in it well done.

    Maps like this are the reason why I stick with SMR.

  14. e_gregor


    I have some problems with this map. After 1-2 years I am usualy take-over by competitors. I play on Investor dificulty level.

    I checked financial of competitors. There probbably is a bug! For me building tracks is an expense – i see numberor inside brackets but for them is without brackets. Competitors collect enought money to takover me without buying any train – they just generate their money building tracks!!!!!!!!

  15. Warll

    Well that does sound add. I would attribute this to the fact that most map makers do not plan for AIes. Although Snoopy does but a whole lot of play testing into his maps so odd that this would have occurred.

  16. snoopy55

    If you examine the AIs track runs you will find engines running goods. It is the ONLY way money can be made.

    As to AIs, while I do not run them during my building and testing of my maps, Pete and Bobby do and have had no problems.

    The map was really not made for AIs tho. It was built to use the money given and keep in the ‘alley’ from town to town, diverting only for raw materials.

  17. snoopy55

    One thing you might try is going in and deleting the RRT_Tunnels.xml and RRT_Bridges.xml files from the map. This will allow you to build them better. I did notice when I just now ran it that the AIs can run across long distances using floating track while the player can not.

    As I said, it was built to mimic the real railroad and its track laying capabilities.

  18. e_gregor

    Thanks for yours responses!

    I played again with dedicated ACMR difficult level. This time was ok – his laying tracks cost was expense (negative value), not income. But… opponent layed track accros whole map with lot of bridges and tunnels. I did takeover aand liquidated his company getting about ~120.000.000$ :]

  19. ChrisG

    AI Bug ???
    Is map a Solo-map ? (I.e. no AI opponents).
    That´s how i first tried it, and it seemed ok with difficulty varying depending on your starting location (Charlotte Easy/OK, Star & Aberdeen difficult but maybe doable, Gulf=reload).
    I then noticed that one of the later requirements is to be the last railroad standing, which seemed to indicate that you were supposed to have opponents.
    I then tried my usual difficulty lvl. (Mogul, 2 AI opponents).
    I started in Aberdeen and had just connected to Candor, when one of my opponents build a bridge there. That promptly set his finances on -2Mill, though how he was allowed to do it i don´t know. Apparently the other AI player was a major shareholder in that construction company because his finances went to +323 Mill and he promptly started to buy up our shares and started to build bridges and tunnels all over the map.
    Just to see if it was a glitch, i tried to restart the scenario…same thing happened 🙁
    It´s too bad because it seemed like a good scenario.

  20. snoopy55

    Read the comments above yours. It was originally made as a single player, and as you have seen, somehow any AIs are able to build floating track and build in negitive numbers.

    The map was made to be run in the ACRW Map mode. Also, the only bridge that should be built it the one crossing the river between Troy and Norwood.

    Tha map was built for realism, not compitition. And now that you point it out, the last railroad standing thing should have been rewritten to something else.

  21. The Clincher

    I downloaded the map, extracted it to my user maps folder (which is empty of all other custom maps), but when I use the dragon unpacker for the FPK file, I get an EAccess violation. What can I do to fix that?

  22. snoopy55

    Have you tried running the map with the FPK? As long as the map runs as it is, there is no reason to open the FPK.

    I have just downloaded it from this site and checked the FPK. There are no oversized files in it, which is the only thing that would cause problems. The game itself opens and uses the FPK files.

  23. tireshark

    Just finished playing it… not a bad map. You can’t play with AI’s because of the problems mentioned earlier. Oakboro produces oil from oil, but that’s not a huge issue. I played on robber baron and hard routing and there are some starting towns that it is impossible to play the game with (like aberdeen)… dont know if the same goes for lower difficulty levels… but i couldnt even connect railways to anything that paid from some starting cities. Starting at charlotte or anything west of the water seems to be ok. The map isn’t that difficult, but it does take a lot of planning to get all the objectives completed. Once i got my final routes established i basically just let it run on fast forward for 10 or 15 minutes (buying trains as needed) to complete the tasks. Kept me interested for the most part though. I think the ‘be the last RR standing’ should be changed to ‘own all your stock’ (or even just removed), and there should be a note in the briefing saying that it isn’t made for AI’s. Nice job.

  24. snoopy55

    Thank-you. Most of it is Mods and it took a while to do.

    I guess I didn’t intend it to be played in the hard difficulties, it is really hard enough if you stick with single track, north-south and east-west, and only using one of each engine. Place a passing track here and there and it begins to get very interesting. The limits in it are a reality play. (I don’t know how you did it) I took a look at that 100% stock part and I have to agree with you. In my master copy I did change it to “Own all your own stock.”

    I have to guess I did the Oakboro Oil that way because the real Oakboro Oil does just that, brings the oil in from other railroads (the two Interchanges) and distributes it to the places that need it. I probably should have add a second type of Oil and distributed that. It would have made it a bit more difficult……

  25. tireshark

    Ah ok, i didn’t know if the oil from oil was intentional or a bug… but i was happy to make use of it either way, lol. thanks for the reply, and nice work on the map.

  26. Ahmed Muhammed

    Hello Evreyone
    I have serious problem please help
    I tried to install custom map with all ways
    – delete all files and folder on my document\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!
    – Extract Custom map there
    – Launch the game
    It’s never appear

    Second Trying
    – delete all files and folder on my document\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!
    – Extract custom map C:\Program Files\2K Games\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!\Assets\XML\_SCENARIOS_
    – Launch game
    The problem here that map appear but every time the game hang or exit while loading
    PC Config
    Processor Core 2 Duo 3 G.B 8 M.B Cache
    Ram 6 G.B DDR 3
    VGA Geforce 1 G.B DDR 3
    I will be so happy if anyone replay to my mail what may the problem is

  27. karsten

    First step – you deleted all files and folders on My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!

    Second step: REINSTALL SMR so that those folders get recreated, otherwise it won’t work.

    Actually, it is not really necessary to DELETE all folders in My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!. One just needs to make sure they are empty before copying a custom map in there.

  28. NSman117

    Hi i downloaded this map put it were its suppose to go and when the loading is at building up steam phase my game crashes please help

  29. Phil

    What dod you have in the Usermaps and Customassets folders? These have to be empty before loading this map.

  30. Mike

    Has anyone ever had a problem where the depots don’t show up when you click buy train? I can’t purchase any trains because there are no depots (dots) on my routing map. Any experience with that? If so, did you find a fix? I have already reinstalled several times… the demo version works fine.
    Thanks Mike

  31. snoopy55

    I take it that you asking this question that you have paid for Depots at cities and Annexes at Industries outside of the cities?

    Just to be sure, when you run track into a city (inside the green circle) you have to left click on the small building below the steam engine, then move your mouse to the city and left click again. The same thing for Industries outside of the cities.

    See page 19 of the manual, “The Button Panel” for the buttons and page 32, “Depots” and Constructing Depots”

    You must have your starting Depot and at least one other Depot or Annex to buy a train, and of course they must be connected by at least one track.

  32. Marko

    Here is how I get about 1.700.000.000 units of money at the beginning 🙂
    Wherever you start the game, just draw a hugely long track to the other side of the map until the track turns gray (it will go red when you start drawing it) and release the button – voilà! You should have about a billion dollars!

  33. snoopy55


    You can edit the XMLs and do the same thing and if you play against AIs they can do the same thing. The big question is can you play it in the way it was created to be played and beat it. This is an actual railroad with the track running in a ‘T’ shaped pattern.

    Now, when you manage this, come back and let us know…….

  34. vishnu

    i played a 10 custom maps from here so far but this is the best ,realism 90% ,can anyone suggest similar maps for me 🙂

  35. Roslar

    Hey, I know it’s 2014 now, so maybe no one will reply ever, but I have one question about this map…
    When I play the map on the AC&WR difficulty and try to place a train, every engine in the base game appears immediately, and there are no scenario specific engines. Is that part of that difficulty setting, or is something wrong? should I just play on the normal difficulties (Investor … Robber Baron)?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  36. snoopy55

    In your folder \My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!\UserMaps\AC&W you should have a file named RRT_Trains.xml and it should be 18KB in size. If this file is missing, or it is different in size, download it again, delete everything in UserMaps and unzip the copy you just downloaded into it. you should have 2 engines at the start, both of them GP38-2’s and one is number 3802 and the other is 3803.
    I just downloaded the file at the top of this thread and ran it, no problems.

  37. J484fan

    I DL the map and had issues getting it to open. So I went to my files and saw the zip file for it in usermaps. I then moved that open zip file to my desktop opened it up and moved all files to usermaps.This time when I tried it, it opened up fine for me, but I forgot to look some things up on the RR website. When I tried loading the map up again, SMR kept shutting down on me. Not sure the issue if I need the 3G DL for it or not. Win8 and 4RAM on a 500G HD. I don ‘t have an NVIDIA card or any of that and most times, SMR runs fine for me as long as I don’t forget to do frequent saves. Otherwise it does hiccup on me and I have to start back at last point.

  38. J484fan

    By the way since I saw it mentioned earlier in post, I DL the game from Steam

  39. Glladorous

    Soooo now we have 2016 ( times is really flying, isn’t it? ) so I wonder if someone will respond.
    I have issues with starting this map.. It was mentioned earlier but website is not working anymore which is written up there. I have downloaded and unzipped files into usermaps ( custom assets and every other folder is empty ) except that word file ofcourse. I have 1.1 steam version installed with 3Gb enabled ( or something like that – basicly it just uses more memory ). Furthermore I didnt had any problems with other custom maps. So what could be an issue?
    Thank you, if I will ever get an answer 🙂

  40. Glladorous

    Oh and I forgot.. Problem is that its crashing on loading screen during loading of ~ schedules ( i am not sure what is written there except that “schedule” due i am not on my computer anymore ).

  41. snoopy55

    The version posted here is one using FPK files. Since it was posted here there has been one repair done and it was reposted. The map was rewritten and the FPK replaced with normal files. You can find it posted here: http://www.sidmeiersrailroads.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=563 Join that forum and try it from there. What do you have your Virtual Memory set to?

  42. Glladorous

    Heyyyy.. that was pretty fast 🙂 nice to see that community is still alive. Anyhow… that link is not working for me.. it says 403 Forbidden. Even site itself is not accessible. Virtual Memory? What do you mean by that?

  43. snoopy55

    It must be the internet connection you are using, Bobby is pretty serious about spam and such. Not attacking you mind you. I come on to this site and delete any comments here that are spam, and there are quite a few of them.

    As to virtual memory…. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-is-virtual-memory#1TC=windows-7 To get to it, at least on XP which is what I use, Start, Control Panel, System Properties, Advanced, Performance, Advanced. I use 14GB myself.

  44. Glladorous

    Well yeah that might be true.. Because I noticed that you are using different timezone as here on comment section you have 9:18AM and I am in europe where I have 6:24PM 😀 so internet might be an issue… Regarding that virtual memory I dont have issue there as I have in fact 16 gigs of memory and virtual is set to that as well.
    And btw.. big thumbs up for fast support 😉

  45. Glladorous

    Sorry for spaming but I want to provide as much info as possible.. I am not using any proxy or anything and legitimate copy of mozzilla and optical cable internet connection so I can only wonder why I am flagged as “spam”.

  46. Glladorous

    Well… I have made progress but still no success. I have resaved all XML files to newer date and now I can choose difficulty ( YaY! ) which I was not able to do before… now it crashes on “building steam”.

    Please feel free to delete comments which are not important anymore.

  47. Glladorous

    Ehm… what… Now it just started to work 😀 Feel free to delete all comments and maybe just leave here only that comment with resaving XML files. Thanks for help! 🙂

    Now I am going to spend next 4 hours in da game.

  48. snoopy55

    Glad to hear you have gotten it working! Now, play it as I wrote it to be played and let’s see what you can do.

    I’m not sure what the total requirements are for not being able to get on his site are. Do a search for 403 Forbidden and see if anything applies to you or your system.

  49. Danut

    So, just in case the map creator still checks this: thank you for this scenario. Had a lot of fun playing it. Way different from the normal game experience, but in a good way.

  50. Apex Fencing

    Hey folks! Just stumbled upon this awesome Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railroad scenario. The realism is blowing my mind, and the challenge of laying single rail tracks while managing those cool engines is a game-changer! ️ I’ve got the Blue & Brews Festival marked on my calendar for a local blast, but now I’m torn between the tracks and the tunes! Any tips on conquering this rail adventure? And who else is gearing up for the festival vibes at Malcolm Blue Farm? Let’s make this a legendary local gaming and festival season!

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