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Download: NAFTA Phase II SAM

Era #1 is the agricultural phase. There are two 9-step runs.
Era #2 is the industrial phase and there are two 12-step runs.
The resources are very limited, only one starting resource for each run.

26 thoughts on “NAFTA Phase II

  1. LZIM

    Great mod, along with the patch to stop crashes it really feels like an entirely new game.

    I’m wondering though.. time progression seems very slow and there’s only the two available trains so far. Is this intentional?

  2. LZIM

    ok, played it longer, mind blown etc, faith in this game utterly renewed even though it isn’t an official release.

    Have some concerns though about the mod. In that having more cars per train (is there a mod for that) and more tracks per station would trully enhance what you’ve accomplished here.

    But the game itself is.. almost not up to task. Where after Nafta II I don’t think Firaxis 2K should consider another game on anything lower then win7x64 with gobs of ram and dedicated 3D hardware. In the later stages of this scenario laying track takes a minute and even though it is still worth it, i wonder where that leaves Nafta III?


    Is there any possibility for another game saving mod like this one?

  3. Warll Post author

    There should be a number of high quality maps. You may want to check out Basin & Range, Utah and the newer Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railroad.

    Unfortunately there is no way to add more than eight cars, it is a game limitation that only Firaxis can fix.

  4. A Bagnall

    I really like this map even if the production routes are very convoluted which is part of the enjoyment of this map.

    I may have found a problem however. I had to ship processed coal. At first the refinery converted coal to processed coal. After a little while it stopped processing coal although it carried on converting oil into nitrates. Also processed coal dissappeared from the list of products.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  5. A Bagnall

    Other problems I’m afraid. Various products after a while stop being produced even though the correct resources are being shipped to them. The trains that are set to only run when full run when empty from the places where the resources stop being produced. An example of this is producing grain for animal feed. Starts OK then stops producing for no reason.

    Shame really as the map is good.

  6. Anders Olsson

    Getting a bit frustrated here!! Tried everything but can´t get it to work. Installed it like 20 times but without any luck. Can anybody help with a bulletproof plan ?


  7. Jancsika

    This is rather large map. Demanding on your computer resources.
    What kind of a machine do you have?

  8. Anders Olsson

    Thanks for quick reply. My system:

    Intel core 2 duo processor P7350
    4 GB DDR3
    Up to 1791MB Nvidia Geforce 9600M

    Not the strongest I know. First of all I can get it to show the NAfta II map in the menu. Have I placed the files the wrong place? Kept the files where the installer put them.

  9. Aglarang

    I am also having issues getting this map to work. I have a SMR install with the 1.10 patch and the 3gb patch installed. I have a clean UserMaps and CustomAssets folder. I unzip this file into the UserMaps folder as is. I start the game, choose this map and then it crashes the game to desktop as a few seconds of loading.
    I am running Win7 64 bit. Intel i7 mobile processor 8 gig of ram with a very powerful vid card (this is a relatively new gaming laptop.)
    All other maps I have downloaded and tried seem to run correctly (minus a separate problem with Europa2 deluxe.) Do I need NAFTA I for this? Do I need to add files to CustomAssets?

    Thanks for the help.

  10. McBarnacle

    Now this is the sort of map that should have been in SMR from the start. When you need to set up a train with 7+ stops in order to produce a final end good then it’s a scenario that won’t have the usual situation where the last few decades are just spent “marking time” until the game ends.

    Unfortunately, the game keeps CTDing for me about 5 years in. Not sure if it’s my setup not being enough to support this scenario but I’ll keep on at it. πŸ˜‰

  11. karsten

    There is a CTD problem with this map when the first metropolis develops, but we are looking to fix it.

  12. Mark_H

    Wow! I just pulled out my old SMRS game the other day not even knowing you guys developed all these maps and such to keep the game going on. I have played several of the new maps available here and just tried this one. It is excellent however I also CTD with the first metropolis.

    I do love the design and layout of this so I’m crossing fingers and toes that you can figure out the problem. Thanks for making one of my all time favorite games even better!

    Off to other maps…like a kid in a candy store!

  13. McBarnacle

    Hi karsten,

    I hope you find the CTD issue as this is such an involved map and scenario that I hope I can play it to the end sooner rather than later!!


  14. Bill

    Absolutely crazy about all of Jancsika’s maps. This one keeps crashing somewhere in 1887. Ran I all the way. I restarted a game several times from different points and the result was always the same. Crashed in March 1887. I started a new game and was unable to get past that year. It crashed in Dec 87.
    Have update and 3G enabled
    Using Quad 2.33, 8G Ram, NVIDEA GeForce GT 520
    Have played several other of his games with no issues.

  15. Bill

    Oh, and is there any update on the horizon? I really want to finish this one. It is one of the best ever!

  16. Bill

    Yeah, I knew that. He was the best map maker ever. He made this game great! I thought that someone else might have access to the program and be able to correct the metropolis bug.

  17. Niliuz

    Hi guys.

    Im so sorry to learn that Jancsika has passed away… as far as I can say he did a great job to enhance this game and through that gave me a lot of nice gaming hours! I was especially enjoying the NAFTA phase 1… but ran into the same problem mentioned above… the game CTDs at a certain point…

    @karsten, @WarII and @rodea2007:
    How far is the fix? Can I put some effort into it by helping you guys out? I would appreciate any kind of feedback!

  18. Duffy

    Having problems with Windows 10 & Windows 7 running Intel core 2 duo processor E8500
    8 GB DDR3
    Up to 2GB MSI ATI/AMD Get to a certain point and shuts down..

  19. Dave Speed

    Sad that Jancsika passed away.

    Even with modern hardware (Windows 11 64, Ryzen 7 4800h, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3060) the same problem…keeps crashing at the end of the 1880s. πŸ™

    But it looks good so far – and difficult with high costs for bridges and tunnels.

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