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I have changed the compression used for the maps. Instead of using .7z now everything is compressed in .zip. While I love 7-zip, the best file compression program in existence, the use of .7z and the need for a user to have 7-zip installed acted as a deterrent to new players. So this afternoon I took a few hours and converted everything to zip. These files will be larger than their 7z counterparts but they are still small as far as downloads go.

Because I did some things automated some of the links may lead to non-existent files. If you encounter a 404 page anywhere on this site please leave a comment on the page that it was linked from, I will be sure to fix it right away.

12 thoughts on “New file format

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  2. identities

    While I like 7z it seems a lot you have converted back to zip are corrupt as when i try to open them they give a corrupt file error and it does not matter even after downloading it again still gives the same error.

  3. identities

    I have 7zip winzip and winrar i can open any other zips except from your site here.

    It is not my computer causing the problem it must be what you are using to compress them or have the wrong setting for you zip program you are using.

  4. Warll Post author

    All the files on this site were compressed using the 7-zip core, most with the command line version and a few with the GUI. I have separately downloaded and tested the once with 7-zip and again with Winrar both times it extracted wtihout error.

    The problem is somewhere between the server and your chair.

  5. identities

    Well i do not know what GUI you are talking about but it must be that then because I have re-downloaded the files again and they all still come up with a corrupted file error for each and every one of them.
    So please tell me what GUI you have that you are using to make these zip files. maybe i could get it and try that. I have all the latest versions of winzip 7z and Winrar.

  6. Warll

    7-zip has two components, the core and the GUI, in other words the front end and the back end. ie all the files were compressed with 7-zip.

  7. Warll Post author

    Could you please email me a screen shot of the error, my address is warll [dot] dressler [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. Warll Post author

    Identities if you would like help simply follow the instructions I emailed you. Please stop spamming, I am trying my best but please understand that you are the only one having this problem.

  9. grubber

    I just pulled down the San Fran map and installed with no problems. The one issue with having zip files is the SMS Map Shifter program is looking for 7z files, so I had to unzip and then compress in 7z. I really appreciate the Map Shifter program. Thanks for hosting this site!

  10. Warll Post author

    grubber glad to hear you like it.

    There is actually a much easier fix, simple change the file extension from .7z to .zip and the map shifter will work perfectly.

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