New feature, ratings


Along with the change from 7z to zip I also spent some time adding a ratings system.

The system is a three star plus, one .  My reqonmandation for voting style goes like this:

  • A vote of 3 stars means a above average quality map
  • 2 stars would be an average map
  • Below average is 1 star

Rate a map based on how much fun you had on it, on how well the map’s terrain was planned and painted, but beyond everything let your opinion guide you.

I would please ask that you do not rate a map down because of crashes, slow downs, or other major problems. If a map has a bug please leave a comment notifying of such, I will try and determine the problem and fix it, or if I am unable to I will forward it to someone who can.

These ratings should help newcomers as well as long term players in finding fun, new and or simply over looked maps.

So please vote, and do so knowing that you are helping others enjoy the SMR experience.

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