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  1. Warll

    Do you have any other custom map installed? Was the my games/sid meier’s railroads folder empty of any custom maps before you installed?

  2. vanhuyse johan

    Nice map but i couldn’t deliver steel to the lost city in the end.
    Any idear what i did wrong?

  3. Site fan

    Great map! =D

    Vanhuyse, did you try to build the automobile factory there? Worked here.

  4. Fan Of Game

    Soo I like the map though Some trains won’t deliver loads like asked also I would like that Intercontinental Mod but it’s so buggy and it crashes on the one map I’d love to play the U.S.A Also I want to know if there is any mod out there that gives out more trains? and Tenders? that will not crash easy to install and will work on this map? I can’t find any train mods just maps I could careless for maps tbh just trains and tenders! Any help? even if no one ever visits this place much..

  5. vanhuyse johan

    Quote “Vanhuyse, did you try to build the automobile factory there? Worked here.”

    I don’t remember but i think not.

  6. JayMar

    This is a map with great potential but unfortunately it does not allow me to move some resources, they are greyed-out even when the city demanding the particular resource, and it’s connected to the raw material (be it a mine or wood). I’ve corrected the spelling of Amarillo and increased the production of some raw materials, but the lack of connectivity as explained above is troublesome.

  7. snoopy55

    JayMar – if a city is demanding a particular ‘Resource’, then it already HAS the Industry required. If you click on the city you will get a screen that shows you which Industries are there and whether or not you can built one. Clicking on the icon for an Industry in that screen will allow you to buy or bid on that particular Industry.

  8. JayMar

    I appreciate you quick response. I understand what you posted. My problem is different. For example, El Paso requires coal to turn into steel, so I connect them and proceed with delivering the raw materials. Eventually when I have enough steel then I send the train to Monclova to make automobiles. Now if I wanted to send more coal to El Paso from other adjacent mines, in order to increase the volume of coal and steel and cars, eventually, it does not allow me. In other words, the game only allows me to connect one coal mine instead of multiple as in the original maps. When I try connecting after building the link between another mine and El Paso it’s all grayed-out. If I find another coal-to-steel city and I try connecting to Monclova by a different route, again it does not allow me. My version of Texas is 1.18, maybe there is another one correcting this problem. Again, thank you.

  9. railage

    I have never come across the bug you describe. Most of what you describe would fit with track that looks “connected”, while in fact not being connected. It’s impossible to buy a train for those routes because the game greys out any destination that isn’t properly connected to the starting stop of a new train.

    Something to watch is that a depot will not allow a fourth track to be added. Stations and Terminals do. There are also a few quirks with track laying especially when laid in very short segments. Unless you can upload your saved game somewhere, this is the best guess I have.

  10. snoopy55

    JayMar – I left a message, but since I gave internet addresses it has to be ‘monitired’ before it becomes visible.
    The SAM version can be found by going to the CHAT section of the forum of this site and looking on the first page for ‘Hi, nooby with some questions!’. On the last post by vzbob his signature is the web address for his site. There you will find a thread for this map and the latest tested version of it.
    Come join us, you’ll enjoy it!

  11. JayMar

    I am so disappointed in the game as a whole. This is by far the buggiest program I have ever played. If it weren’t for the auto saves I would have stopped playing this a long time ago. I have played it every single day for the last 4-5 months, suddenly today it does not even want to load. I am done! Firaxis should have done something a longtime ago but obviously they just take the money and run. They knew this game was crappy. I am effing done with this crap!

  12. JayMar

    Well I changed my mind. I went ahead and kept some of the changes I made to the map and re-installed SMR and patched it. Now it’s working, but still crashing every so often. As I have said, if it were not for the autosaves I would have given up. I found the 1.3 version and will install it and see. The game runs best in a Windows 7 32 bit environment. It’s crappy in WinXP and a little jerky in W10. I really love this game it is just frustrating. Back in the mid 80s I worked for Microprose on games for the Commodore 64 and the Amiga and remember Sid Meiers very well. I am now almost 80 and retired but still love games. I enjoy changing variables and personalize most games.

  13. JayMar

    Is there a way to add cities and resources to this map? I never use Tulsa, Springfield, etc so I want to make Las Cruces close to El Paso and Albuquerque (near the x-100 and y 100). I’ve tried changing Tulsa and it crashes. I’ve tried changin the oil in the nearby area, and it crashes. I’ve changed both the cities and names. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. railage

    Sounds like you have the general idea. When adding/re-naming cities are you also modifying the RRT_Names_texas XML file to match? I suspect this file is used by the game so that strange characters can be used in city names.

    For industries copy an entire … section. Move them with the X and Y co-ordinates. From what you said, seems you understood this. Other thing I would say is to watch for mistakes, only one can cause your map to crash. Start again with a fresh copy of the map.

    Also, the game can have a ghost memory effect so if it crashed last load attempt it may be more likely to crash again even if the XML mistake is corrected. The way I get around this is to attempt to load one of the default maps first. Purpose is to clear the memory, I don’t care if it crashes or not. A crash is likely when a custom map is in UserMaps folder, it’s not a problem with your game.

    If you don’t want to sign up on the other site, I would suggest signing up on the forum on this site. Once you apply you then need to email the admin so your account can be activated. That way I can answer in more detail, give you links to the smr wiki found on the other site, and screenshots etc..

  15. snoopy55

    When I was editing maps I had the same problem….. it kept crashing, even when I went back to the original settings. This game has a nasty habit of holding onto memory. When you do an edit and rerun it, there is not enough memory, so you get a crash. I found a solution quite by accident. I got perturbed and started a game of Solitare. I started the game again and what had previously crashed ran right thru! The Solitare cleared the memory! Just starting the Solitare and moving one card will do the job of clearing.
    Until you get more into the editing, open both the RRT_Cities_texas.xml and the RRT_Names_texas.xml. Change the name in both files, then change the X and Y numbers in the Cities XML. Make one city change at a time, testing each time.
    As to the other forum, do a search for vzbob. His signature is the other web sites address, the “Bobby’s Sid Meier’s Railroads Forums and Bobby’s Sid Meier’s Railroads Wiki”

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