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This map Thomas the tank engine and his friends in their island of Sodor.

Rodea’s Sodor Island is delightful both for the rich choice of Thomas Tank engines, and its high strategy and replay value due to the clever production chains. Initially, it may take you all three eras to complete the map at investor level. But as you gain a deeper understanding of the production possibilities, early Robber Baron success is quite possible.

11 thoughts on “Sodor

  1. Rakas

    I think this is a fantastic map! Thank you for making it. However it keeps giving me CTD’s. I have windows 7 (64bit), core i7 930 and 6 gb ram. I have applied the 3gb enabler and it seems to work with other maps. With this one I get ctd app 10 minutes (1½ year) into the game. Any thoughts?

  2. Joey

    I Do Like Thomas & Friends But I Can’t Download This! Because Every Time I Download It, The File Is Missing! Please Can you Help?

  3. guy

    i have probs with map 2 and would really like to play it, but it always crashes. as soon as i get into the instance.

  4. random dude

    Whats “Rodea Worker”? Every industri demannds it, but their nowhere to be found.

  5. karsten

    Guys, you are absolutely right. Due to corrupted random event and goods file references, this version of the Sodor map crashes quite quickly after starting. I will post a fixed version of this DELIGHTFUL Rodea map next weekend, after testing (and fixing the problem of the missing AI players as well).
    @ random dude: Rodea workers are produced by towns only, so you have to grow villages to towns first. The free “Haybails” help to achieve this more quickly.

  6. Thurmus

    I loved this map and the previous version used to work. When I unzip the current download it comes up with heaps of CRC errors and it crashes every time I run it.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  7. Mike

    Has anyone ever had a problem where the depots don’t show up when you click buy train? I can’t purchase any trains because there are no depots (dots) on my routing map. Any experience with that? If so, did you find a fix? I have already reinstalled several times… the demo version works fine.
    Thanks Mike

  8. Klemen

    Guys! I need your help. I can not load a lot of this published maps. My game simply “dies” and returns me to my desktop. What can I do about this problem?

  9. georgeandbungle

    I love this map.
    You need to start the game with NO AI players, runs flawlessly.
    However, the challenge/interest/excitement is now gone.
    The link to the working AI enabled map is down.
    Please Help

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