Holidays In Ohio ToyTrains

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First constructed in 2007, now updated for 2009 with added trains. There are new industries and two distribution centers to help control all goods. Three types of passenger traffic. Visitors spend gold in your cities as they travel and shop. Gather your Gold to purchase goods at the ports, Passengers work the bulk industries increasing production, as the Elves work the in-city industries increasing production. Built as a single player long play map…use the Ohio Holiday Funds so you have enough money to get things rolling. Lots of trains and dual engine sets. Follow the victory goals in each era as your railway expands…and hurry Santa needs your help.

4 thoughts on “Holidays In Ohio ToyTrains

  1. jmazz

    Once I fixed crashes on Win 7 (3Gb fix) this mod was very enjoyable. A great Mod I can recommend to everyone who likes a challenge.
    I played it without AI opponents but wanted to complete ALL the Victory requirements. I don’t think I could have completed the Victory conditions with an AI interfering in the game.
    With absolutely no criticism intended I suggest that improvements may be to add further Victory conditions for the 3rd time period. Possibly including eggnog and visitor requirements. Once I had achieved the 2nd period conditions I found that the third period requirements were easily met in the 2nd period. The final period was simple set high time rate and get company value as high as possible to gain. Alternately if possible the game could actually stop when all victory conditions are met.
    Once again congratulations to Lowell for the best game I played so far on SMR.

  2. Karsten

    Glad you enjoyed Lowell’s innovative map! Did you try it at Robber Baron difficulty? That is part of the challenge ..

    I do agree that having to wait at the end for company value to tick up while everything else has been accomplished is a bit lame – in that case, I simply declare victory and ignore the lone company value goal.

  3. Quitus

    Looks a nice map, but unfortunatelly crashes a few minutes after start. 🙁

  4. Jason

    I have the same issue, crashes after a few minutes after the start. I have the fixed done too (3Gb fix).

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