Enabling the in-game map editor


Once you have played a number of custom maps you will likely want to try and make your own. Luckily after the 1.1 patch Fraxis enabled added in-game map editor. This editor is not enabled by default nor is there any option in the game to enable it. Instead you have to edit your settings.ini file. You must add a line to your Settings.ini file found in your user data folder which by default is C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!.  To do this open Settings.ini in notepad and add EditorEnabled = 1 on a new line in the [User Settings] section. Then start th game again and there will be a “Map Editor” option in the main menu.

Once you have created your map do not forget to post it in the forum, so that it can be included in the map list.

Happy map making!

17 thoughts on “Enabling the in-game map editor

  1. Jancsika

    This is OK.
    You ought to add the reference to the FAQ. Not the whole post, only this link.

  2. Jancsika

    Yes. That’s what I mean. It will be easier on me, I won’t have to write up what already written.
    On the other hand it will be a good idea for both of us to doublecheck what the other wrote. That will prewent contradicting instructions.
    I have proposed to split up the FAQ. Want you to comment on it.

  3. Warll Post author

    Don’t worry I saw the thread, I jsut didn’t have any thing to say besides that it seems logical.

    Links are fine but you do know that you can just copy and paste the text right?

  4. andyjones035

    Just Put On the Map Editor on My Computer for the firt time and it great For about 30 Seconds then Crashes??

  5. Jancsika

    You have to handle the “Terrain Editor” like you would any new custom map.
    That means start with an empty UserMaps and CustomAssets folders.
    The way I do it is: DELETE the C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads! folder completely.
    Save the “Settings.ini” file.(This is where the Terrain Editor was activated)
    Start a new stock game, this will create a new clean
    C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads! folder
    Now copy the “settings.ini” file back into the new folder.

    This way you will have a clean Map editor to start with.

    When you had enough of the editing, just rename it to C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads!\My new great map creation (or something else will do too :>))

  6. Geertje123

    When i start my map its not how i created it. its all diferent.

  7. rob

    i have tryed this a few times now and still cant see any editor option….

    im running V1.1
    on win7
    any ideas?

  8. Karsten

    Perhaps you are editing “Settings.ini” (EditorEnabled = 1)
    in a wrong location. It has to be the ini used by the SMR program you are actually running (check the link). This confusion could happen if you installed SMR twice, especially if diverging from the default installation paths.

  9. Oguz

    i cant open it,i have found that file, though, windows cant find the file is what it says

  10. Oguz

    i fixed my peoblem, but this only edit terrain and etc, how can we edit the speed of time and trains ?

  11. Nico2000

    I tried this editor, but can you also us it to create victory conditions?
    Or is it only a terrain editor?
    I’ve seen XML files with parameter like hauling this much stuff from here to there, but other things like starting year and finishing year, I do not see…

    So the question is: How can I create victory conditions to go with the maps?

    Thanx for any input…

  12. Demis

    I can install the editor, and I can use it. But when I’m playing the cities don’t advance. The cities never demand food or boxes. What can I do to repair this problem. Thanks.

  13. railage

    The editor could probably be best described as a “terrain editor.” Virtually everything else can be edited with better options using the map’s XML files.

    Just above Snoopy55 linked the wiki which gives example codes and what purpose they serve. In your case, in your map’s “RRT_Cities” XML file you can make extra city sizes and modify consumption and production for each city size individually.

    The game is quite sensitive to mistakes, a tiny one might stop your map loading. If you are careful with your edits and keep backups, you should be fine.

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