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This is a 15 x 15 SAM. The whole design is based on Rodea’s West Sumatera scenario. All of the new industries that are in Rodea’s map are in here. New industries, new graphics of the old industries (much better looking). Originally this was a CIC type design and I have converted it to SAM.
Rodea created new industries, trains, traincars. There are new Ports, Offshore oil rigs, Corn fields, Cotton fields, Apple orchards (was Rambutan), Peach orchards, Bank and a lot more.
It is a very challenging scenario. You have to fulfill some difficult production quotas.
There are three different Eras with different goals. You will have to watch the track layout and probably relay them at least twice.

9 thoughts on “Maryland

  1. Master Railer

    HOLY @#$%, this map is SICK. I first tried doing it with 2xAI and failed. I am now about 15 year sin and thus far I am on target but some of the missions are nutts!!!!. I’m working on getting fruitjuice to Easton right now (peaches and apples are on oppisite sides of the universe) ARG!!!!!. The only problem I’m having is the further I get into agame the more lag I get immediatly after I lay some track or build something. I’m running a Dual core 3G with 1G of Video and 4G of memory, I don;t own a single game that lags like this, I’ve lowered most of the settings in the otions but it seems to not help at all, any suggestions?

  2. Warll

    You can try using the “3gb enabler” on railroads.exe. In the past that solved a lot of our problems. But yeah the lag is pretty bad, and it only gets worse as time goes on.

    Take heart though in the fact that it is not near as bad as it was historically.

  3. Jancsika

    Highland has to grow to metropolis to receive Coins,
    The oil: I have to check, It was a long tome ago……

  4. Noah

    This is a really nice map. However, you should make one of beautiful Virginia, too

  5. Scott Ainz

    This map Runtime error’d on me. Put the Maryland folder in the UserMaps and the other 2 folders in Custom Assets. Is that where everything should go?

    Scott in Kabul

  6. railage

    This one also loads fine for me. I put everything into the UserMaps folder. I never put anything into CustomAssets. There are a couple old maps that say to do that when installing, but there is no advantage to that.

    With the arrival of SAM format, short for stand-alone-map, the intent is that everything be placed in Usermaps. The exact folder structure within doesn’t matter.

    Try to see if the map will work when you throw everything into Usermaps. If not, don’t give up, there are still things to tweak.

    In ..Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Railroads(!) you will find a file called Settings . ini. Open this, Notepad will do, and change the setting for Precache, to =0. Save the file.

    The above should help, but may not entirely remove the “memory effect”, once a game crashed on load it’s likely to continue to crash. With XP apparently Solitaire helps. What I do is make an attempt to load a default map, I know it wont work, purposely crashing the game. Then it will start fresh with the map I want to load.

    I just completed a Sheffield start on Liverpool & Manchester 2. Good challenge!

  7. snoopy55

    Scott, Railage let me know about the problems with this map and I am at present working on them. I stopped testing new maps a while back and rely on the testers we have to let us know of any errors. How this one got thru is a mystery.

    The Solitaire thing is the best solution to a lot of crashes. This game refuses to let go of memory when you close it or it closes itself. Most anything that you know will use memory will work, but I click on Solitaire, move a card, and close it. quick and simple way to be sure it’s an error and not the game hoarding memory. Changing maps does not release memory. The crash effect railage mentions may do it, but I rely on Solitaire myself, when you are frustrated with the game, it helps to play something else that is relaxing, and believe me, this game has frustrated me often…..

  8. thepabray

    Insane map, very enjoyable. Was able to complete it on RB from Annapolis with no AIs. Got to the first set of objectives with 4 years to spare, and in the end completed the entire thing with 24 years to spare. Great industries and many, varied tasks. Had to relay the tracks many times. Money starts off slowly, but once you start taking coin to the bank, you can’t spend your money quickly enough! Warning – gets a bit laggy when you have an entire (large) map full of track and trains, so a few annoying CTDs but nothing serious. Thanks to Jancsika, RIP.

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