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Spanish Railroad.
The History of the Railroad.
The beginning of Railroad in Spain dates from 1848. First line from Barcelona to Mataro, some 29 km, was open on the October 28. 1848. In 1849 queen Isabela II opened the Madrid-Aranjuez line, which represented first 45 km of the Madrid-Alicante line. The railroad continued expanding in Spain and all major lines of the network were created in less than two decades. The length of the network went from 305 km in 1855 to almost 5,000 km in 1868.
When civil war ended in 1939, many railway lines and stations were damaged or destroyed. To restore the railroad, Spain nationalized it in 1941 and created Spanish National Railway Network (R.E.N.F.E). It now owns all railroads in the country with the exception of few local commuter lines.
Pride of current R.E.N.F.E is modern high speed transportation. Spain adopted TGV technology developed in cooperation between France, Germany and Japan. Spanish ‘TGV’ is called AVE (acronym equivalent to BIRD in English). First line of AVE was open in 1992 between Madrid and Seville, train crosses distance of 471 km in 2.5 hours. Newest line between Madrid and Barcelona is expected to open in 2007 with speeds up to 300 km/h. This line will also extend the network to the French border.

6 thoughts on “Spain

  1. Finne

    This is one of the most challenging maps I’ve played! Very nice work. One question: has anybody managed to ship the 600 passengers from Madrid (200 to 3 cities each)?

  2. Stormer01

    ok this is my 15 time i have restarted this game its hard just can’t get the cites to develop quick enough. I upgrade real quickly but i miss by about 2-4 carloads every time. This is the most challenging by far we need more maps like this

  3. Anthony

    It’s definitely not possible to finish the first goal in the hardest difficulty

  4. McBarnacle

    This has been my most enjoyable map to date. It’s a decent size which I like and has challenging goals. First time around I completed 1 lol.

    Even though it’s a large map the terrain makes it a tough map to play which is good IMHO.

    It also doesn’t crash once you have the 3GB enabler installed and the game set to XP SP3 compatibility mode which is where some of the maps in this section fall down.

    Nice job!

  5. Sophia

    Starting with Aranjuez, I connect to Valencia and to the cattle ranch on the way. Then Madrid, establishing passenger transport to Valencia. Then laying tracks to Barcelona. Also establishing passenger transport with Valencia. Followed by Mataro to the lumber yard. Then Girona and the cattle ranch. It is not possible to develop Aranjuez and Mataro in order to get passengers there. Usually I have no problems with any of the maps, but there seems to be no way to make this one. Mind you that I play as investor on easy track layout. Where is my glitch?

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