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At this point, your only job is to transport the goods. All but Beer need to go from one corner to the other, but that’s a long trip thru the middle. Oh ya, there are no passengers or mail to run.

5 thoughts on “Side to Side 2

  1. John

    I’ve got this problem: every map that I’ve tried so far causes my computer to either crash to the desktop after loading or freeze my cpu during loading… I extract maps into clean folder MyGames/SMR/CustomAssets, I have no other maps in the SMR folder during testing and I start the game via the 3GB enabled SMR.exe

  2. John

    Forgot to mention: crash screen usually says C++Runtime error. BUT when the game finally does start (so far maps: Mysterious Island and War Zone) the whole map is under water and all cities are named – Nameless city.

  3. Warll Post author

    That bug is caused when the mygames/SMR folder is not really clean. Try deleting the entire folder and running and then exiting the game. That will create a new perfectly clean set of folders. Then try and install Basin & Range, that map uses an installer and should be able to run even with another map present.

    Another cause wold be if you have edited the stock maps, although this is less likely and much harder to pull off.

  4. John

    Neither was the problem. Still I’ve managed to solve it by reinstalling and updating the game to version 1.10 (which I previously didn’t do). Now most of the mod-maps are playable, no water all over the map and almost no game crashes (but those remaining are probably caused by my weak pc configuration). Also before that I was unable to load some of the maps because they simply were not in the Single Player map menu. The updated game now creates its own folder User Maps which also contributes (at least I think) to game’s stability (previously I had to create this folder myself in order to play mod-maps). Thanks for your concern and I hope that this would help some “lost” people as I once was 🙂

  5. Warll Post author

    Oh you weren’t running 1.1, that would cause crashes.

    Man I remember the time before the patches, boy was it bad.

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