Rags to Riches

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Download: Rags to Riches SAM

A 10 X 10 map. 64 turns per month.
Single player, with emphasis on industry.
This is a primitive and wasteful society to start with. They are cutting the precocious forest and burning them locally in their villages to produce energy. They also have a scheme to produce paper, but it does not go anywhere. The paper just will not materialize. Every village will start with its small power plant and a papper mill. These are filler industries to occupy building slots. In order to build a new industry you have to grow them to City. There are only enough empty building slots to satisfy the Scenario requirements.

The food chain has six steps from Oil to Food. Fertilizer will increase production of Grain and Grapes by 150%. Without fertilizer the farms and vinyards are only 50% productive.
After the population has a satisfactory food supply, the tourist industry will pick up. Gambling and good hospitality will bring gold.
Next you will have to build heavy industry. This is an eight step process from Taconite Mine, Iron, Steel, Automobiles, Scrap Metal, Machinery to export.
Lastly, develop fine craftsmanship and export your Chippendale for shiny gold.
The landscape is extremely mountainous; you will have to find gradual routing, because the tunnels and bridges are expensive and also ugly.

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  1. pot

    you need to add the fpk to the custom assets folder for the map to load 🙂

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