Alright everything seems to be comming along well.  All the site needs is more maps, images and if possible a GUI SAM installer/manager.  If anyone wants the apility to post maps and news jsut email me at warll (AT) warll.com

2 thoughts on “Ok!

  1. Jancsika

    Nice site, clean and attractive.
    Will you have a counter of the map downloads?
    I liked your post to-day on Hooked. I get frustrated sometimes.

  2. Warll

    Unfortunately I can’t add a download counter without redoing all the downloads since the for simplicity’s sake I had just hot-linked to the file. This is likely best in the long term since I don’t want what had happened to the smri site to happen here, on that site the download app broke and now SMRI has to be gotten from Moddb. I can though give the bandwidth usage. When the site first launched it was using about 10 GB a month, now it is down to 5GB a month.

    And yeah the community is a mess.

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