4 thoughts on “New Sosaria

  1. Dom11

    Very uneven difficulty.
    Growing Britan into a city in time was tough. It required two attempts and better second starting position. Once Britan became a town I was delivering there mail & passengers from 3 towns, medicine from 2 and food from 1. This caused it to grow to city 3 years before deadline. Other requirements were laughable in comparison. Especially those for second time period.

    Basically, I’m saying that I don’t believe that the map is doable from all starting positions and on all difficulties. Even for players who are much more skilled than me.

    My first game started in Moonshine on Financier difficulty and I never had a chance. It was just too far from Britan to achieve the goals in time.

  2. CalmDragonProto

    You are right. I did not balance the scenario achievments at all. All the focus is on the town of Britan and whether it can get the industry up and running and then get an upgrade in population to grow in the time alloted. Still the prettiest map I’ve made. If you have an alternate list of goals, I would be glad to provide a replacement scenario file for you.

  3. Anthony

    Growing Britan is impossible in robber barcon or tycoon difficulty. After many tries and fails, I am able to complete that objective 2 years before the deadline in mogul difficulty. Other than that, the other objectives are much easier.

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