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From the cradle to the grave.
This scenario covers the period from the birth of the railways in 1828 to the era of the Beeching cuts in 1968. During this period, you will face a number of grueling tasks from building the beginings of your empire to making sure that you are the railroad that will survive into the end of the 20th century and dominate the North East of England.

5 thoughts on “North East UK

  1. McBarnacle


    I see that Harrogate is spelt as “Harrowgate” in this scenario. I’ve changed the files I have downloaded so that the spelling is correct, not sure if you want to dot he same for the main map on this database.

  2. karsten

    We will get around to that eventually, but as long as it runs OK …

  3. Minotaur

    Thanks Narra! Quite easy and enjoyable map. I’ve completed all goals as Robber Baron with 3 AIs without big difficulties.

  4. Andyjones035

    Hi Great job on Northern part of Britain Would love to see a Version for the South west Of england And Wales Which also has so much Railway History

  5. Brian Preece

    Great map, Narra. It’s been fun building the East Coast Main Line and the line from Manchester to Scotland that I travel on so often.

    I bow down to Minotaur though. Even with only one AI at Robber Baron level, I couldn’t achieve all the goals. Do you run a master class?

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