North East UK (Hard “Universum” Version)

From the cradle to the grave.
Description, This scenario covers the period from the birth of the railways in 1828 to the era of the Beeching cuts in 1968. During this period, you will face a number of grueling tasks from building the beginings of your empire to making sure that you are the railroad that will survive into the end of the 20th century and dominate the North East of England.

5 thoughts on “North East UK (Hard “Universum” Version)

  1. Nick

    An excellent challenge albeit it took a few attempts on Tycoon level to manufacture enough medicine to ship to Edinburghin time

  2. Andy jones

    great map would love you to do a similar map for the somerset and dorset counties loads of different scenarios which could be added there

  3. Brian Preece

    Actually, I found the first challenge to ship 25 carloads of passengers from Stockton to Darlington impossible. Very challenging map!

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