6 thoughts on “DogWorld

  1. Garney

    This is a great map, but definitely a challenge! At least for me anyway. I played through all the standard maps with ease and a couple custom ones, and this is the first one that got my heart pumping wondering if I was going to complete all the objectives.

  2. Dom11

    Excellent map. Lots of money to be made & lots of fun.
    Third set of tasks was too easy though. I managed to do them 4 years before that time period even started (financier difficulty).

  3. Peter

    I can’t seem to get this map to load. I have loaded many other maps from this website & they worked flawlessly. Any help?

  4. Евгений

    Невероятно классная карта. Я просто в восторге! 10 из 10 баллов

  5. Minotaur

    Very easy and fun map. I completed all goals it as Robber Baron without AI 14 years before the end of second era.

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