BC Gold

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Download: BC Gold SAM

Mountains, lakes, rivers, trees and minerals.Making money should be no problem but can you build the CPR on time and turn BC into a growing province of Canada?

13 thoughts on “BC Gold

  1. Gezzer

    Keeps crashing the game, guess it’s too much to hope it’s been updated?
    I live in B.C. and really wanted to play this one… sigh.

  2. Gezzer

    Fixed, for some reason Win7 decided to compress the FPK file.
    Agree with Stormer, time frame too short. There’s no way in h#ll you can complete more then 2-3 achivements. Bit more polish and it could be a really good map.

  3. grubber

    One of my favorite maps for a short game. Seems to CTD much more often with Win7-64 than it used to under XP-32. Restarting from the autosave generally got me through the game in XP, but now it tends to CTD pretty quick after the restart.

  4. Dom11

    Excellent map.
    Finished it with one year left to deadline on financier difficulty. Having to ship wine to metropolises was evil. Wish it was longer.

  5. Dark Lord

    Good map, cept trying to make food, there was no wheat feilds. And I found out, that in order to win have to concentrate on industries, can’t build money on passengers and mail. But good, even has the little town called Hope. I did some work there. 🙂

  6. Brian Preece

    Great map, I really enjoyed it. My only problem was trying to complete the $30M dollar wealth objectives in time at Robber Baron level, even with no opponents. You just can’t accumulate wealth early enough in the game with the low starting point. However, great fun trying

  7. Delboy

    Excellent map, completed with time to spare. Thank you to the creator.

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