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  1. Australia SAM

    I have just down loaded all the maps and not one of them is working

  2. Warll Post author

    I jsut downloaded it and it opened fine with 7-zip, I’ll get more time to test later.

  3. Mazz

    Nice map, only problem is there are to many industry options. Can’t build all required industries as they don’t fit in box and I can’t scroll across.

  4. adi

    Yes I installed patch 1.10. I select this map, map is loading than “Sid Meier’s Railroads! has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry to inconvenience.”

  5. Nick

    Disappointing that there were no goals on this map. Didn’t bother playing it.

  6. Matthew


    Good job on creating the map, though as an Australian myself, seriously you need to check the spelling of the town and city names, most of them are completely wrong! You spelt Sydney as Sidney, for example, also the business’s near by have no towns that process their resources, basically a virtually unplayable map.

  7. McBarnacle


    This is one of the most visually pleasing maps I have seen. I do find it a little strange that the whole country seems to be on a cliff though! 😉

    Now the downsides. There are cattle farms producing livestock but no stockyards in any cities and you can’t build them either so this resource has no way of being used.

    You can build fromageries but there are no supplied of milk. Should the cattle farms be producing milk not livestock?

    Only Brisbane has a car plant but you can’t build any as it’s not an option in game so the coal mine near Perth has no point.

    You can make steel and then arms but no city accepts arms so this good has no market.

    You can produce gold from ore but no city accepts gold and there are no banks in any cities or any way of building banks so this resource has no final link in it’s chain either.

    Timber is limited to 2 sawmills in the very north. There’s only 1 vineyard and none on the east coast where I am led to believe a lot of Australia’s major vineyards are based.

    Similarly, for a country like Australia that is resource rich I felt that there was a distinct lack of ore and coal.

  8. McBarnacle

    OK, I have found a stockyard in Cooktown but you still can’t build any.

    Also, only Alice Springs and Sydney have food plants to process grain and you can’t build food plants, only breweries. There is no demand for beer though and most villages need food – or textiles – to grow them to towns so this is kind of frustrating too, especially if you start somewhere like Perth and can’t afford to build a line to Alice Springs until the mid part of the game.

  9. Tim P

    Great Map.. except there are a few problems… industries are in the wrong place for instance there should be more industries on the east side where the majority of agriculture takes place.. also Sydney is spelled wrong… its Sydney not Sidney…

  10. Irfan

    Matthew, you need to grow the city first before sending Arms, Gold, Manufactured Goods, etc. Anyways there isn’t any problem here. You’d never thought that if the city grows the city will have more options of goods it will receive. 😉

  11. Irfan

    McBarnacle, you need to grow the city first before sending Arms, Gold, Manufactured Goods, etc. Anyways there isn’t any problem here. You’d never thought that if the city grows the city will have more options of goods it will receive. 😉

  12. philip

    worst map ever, the only thing that was similar to oz was the rough size, the terrain is nothing like it, and hardly any industries, everything was miles apart, you could make gold bars but no one needs them at all, looks like it was just thrown together.

  13. RolandBP

    Your map loaded okay, but it is a shame that the Gold Coast is not at sea level. The whole continent should be lowered, it unfortunately spoilt the feeling to play it for me. Can you lower the whole map?

  14. iceira

    map issue’s

    cant build livestock at a station , to many icon’s with double impact from 2 diffrent zones

    even all the train list is double,

    there are simple to many proffesion directions to gather from and build icons is not present

  15. iceira

    agree with RolandBP this map should not have left draft idea… this map should be marked as bad and not playable, yeah you can play it until you discover no beach at australian at all , this sahould be named as alpha map not tested not worth game time at all.

  16. Abadbatman

    Why is everything spelt wrong in this map?
    Great dividing range way over stated leaving no plains at all to the east ( Where most Australian people live ). Ugly ugly ugly.

  17. Sealy

    I’m enjoying this map, but I keep getting CTDs. I’m patched to 1.10, I have no other maps installed, and it seems to crash at different points. Sometimes it’ll be within a few minutes, sometimes after ten mins or so, but it always crashes. Anyone know of any fixes?

  18. railage

    Look the game up on the PC gaming wiki site. The last section, “Issues Fixed”, contains a link to the most stable exe I know of.

    Others have pointed out that the map didn’t get as much love as some of the others. In fact if you look down below in the section called Related Websites you will find a link called “forum”. This will take you onto this site’s forum, then look for the thread called “Australia” in the Maps in Development section. On page 3 of the thread you will find a version of the map which has had some bug fixing.

    Depending on how keen you are there are 4 working Australia maps on the site to be found in the Related Websites with the link “vzbob’s Forum”, but you must sign up for an account and be active in order to download.

  19. David Mc

    I like this map, but it has a few problems. 1/ you can make gold, but nobody wants it. You can build arms as well as cars in Adelaide(with an “e”, NOT an “a” on the end), but nobody wants arms no matter how big the cities become. Very frustrating when I based my whole strategy one time making gold and no bugger would pay me for it. Also the topography is wrong on the east coast-Sydney, Brisbane are on flat plains in front of mountains to the west, not in those mountains. Somebody else said the whole continent is on a cliff, I have no problem with that as it is essentially true of Australia-Its very flat, but well above sea level, so kudos for that one someone else critisized because it is actually accurate 🙂

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