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The United States of America.
Manifest Destiny. This scenario, which runs from 1843 until 1993, is suitable for players of all skill levels. It covers the continental US, as well as portions of Mexico and Canada. This version of the map uses random placement of industries and resources.

36 thoughts on “America

  1. Donald Sullivan

    First of all this is a Great map, But The goal from Washington to San Francisco by 1880, that is only 37 years. To start off you only have small Towns, with very few passengers, and mail. So there is very little money to be made, I even started to give them food to help them grow.

  2. Art Czepczynski

    This is a wonderful map though I think it has a glitch. None of the steel mills produce any steel when supplied with coal or ore.

  3. Brent

    I found the same issue with the steal mills. I bought a mill in Cleveland and it never produced any steal, although the mill did generate profits.

  4. Jancsika

    Steel is produced from “IRON ORE”, gold is produced from ore, the steel mills will accept coal and pay for it, but it will not produce anything. (Ashes maybe:>) ).

    To make money from passengers and mail, you have to replace your depots with terminals.

  5. Jon

    Looks like an interesting map – I can start it and play for about a year and then it crashes with the useless “you should notify Microsoft” message. I made the 3G change to my boot.ini file and downloaded the option for the railroad file – anyone have any other suggestions?

  6. jancsika

    This is the authors note:
    “My two testers found that they had to put the two FPK files in CustomAssets in order for this map to work. I myself was able to run it with the FPKs in UserMaps. If at first you don’t succeed, put them in the other location.”
    Let me know if works.
    Meanwhile I’ll do some more checking

  7. jancsika

    If it crashes again, we have to know what were you trying to do at the moment of the crash. Like bulding a new train, loading a certain good, or trying to haul a good at a certain city, etc……..

  8. Dom11

    Very good map. Definitely doable if you can plan in advance.
    Early planning for vehicle and steel deliveries is essential. Gets very hectic once you connect all towns.
    No crashes for me but I had to use two FPKs.

  9. Warll

    No, all the custom maps ever created rely on assets not present in the demo.

  10. Michael

    One niggle – I had an average speed of 85mph between New York and Washington, but the ‘Do 200 miles in less than 3 hours’ achievement never triggered. Since 200/3 = 66.6, I figured that I had to get over 67mph. However, that didn’t seem to be the case.

    Otherwise, an enjoyable, challenging, map. I enjoyed the fact that I had to build up cities to attain later achievements.

    Nice one Geezer.

  11. snoopy55

    Well, in fact it is asking for an ‘Average’ speed, so you have to get over 67 mph. AND, you have to have a perfectly straight run. I started the map in NY and connected to DC, but it had a curve to it, which slows you down a tad. AND you have to keep the haul low. I did it with 1 passenger car. Even the AEM-7 wouldn’t do it and it has a top speed of 130, but with the short run and curve, could only reach 110. A straight track, putting the NY station as far north as possible and the DC station as far south as possible, the GP9 and 1 car will do it. With any placement of stations and a straight line, the AEM-7 should do it also.

  12. keato02

    hmm i tryed this map worked for 15-20 minutes then the famus crash why the f*** does so many good maps crash i hate it

  13. Olly

    Really enjoyed this map and meeting all the objectives. Thank you Stormfather. Hours of fun… quite literally!

  14. Nick

    An excellent map which I completed in 1967 – deleted NYC and Washington stations to achieve the straight track between the two in order to get the average speed.

    I had a few issues where I couldn’t reload saved games but discovered that if I rebooted the PC and loaded this map as a new game, them loaded my saved game, it worked ok.

    PS. I use Win XP, 2 gig of RAM and a 8800GT gfx without the 3g enabler

  15. tireshark

    Challenging map, with all the cities you have to build up to meet objectives. Beat it on RB with 2 AI, but it took me a while. Fun, though.

  16. devega

    I just finished this scvenario with only one goal missing: the delivery of cars to the whole country, but it could be done. Simply too slow^^

    Seems to be easiest, when the starting city is Santa Fee, you can fast develop to both east an west. I finished it on Tycoon-level with 3 opponents.

    Its the most interesting map I played so far including all permade maps in the vanilia version. I will restart it this evening on robber baron difficulty and I really looking forward on this. Thanks a lot for this map, Stormfather!

  17. newbie

    Hey, this may be a strange question but is it possible to add more resources to the map, as in ore mines etc.? I’ve started a few games where there were no or almost no resources of a kind on the map and it seems a little empty to me. I’d edit it myself if I could but I couldn’t find where or what to change yet. Any pointers would be much appreciated, thanks and regards.

  18. TMiller

    Newbie, The America map is designed to place industries randomly in different locations each time you play it. I am surprised you say the map looks empty, because it has 42 cities and 57 industries which is near the total cities+industries allowed by the game. There are 19 different kind of industries and the game places an average of 3 of each on the map. I suggest you just restart the game again and see if the next random placement of industries is more to your liking. However, if you really want to add industries to the game, this is usually done using the Terrain Editor. The Terrain Editor should be on your main menu. If not, you will need to edit the Settings.ini file and make EditorEnabled = 1 so it will be activated.
    To use the Terrain Editor to edit the America map you will need an America.SMR_Scenario file to be present in the UserMaps folder. Generally SMR_Scenario files are not included with maps so users will not edit the maps. However, if you still want edit the America map you can do the following. Cut and paste all the America files in the UserMaps folder to a temporary folder. Then start up SMR and click on the Terrain Editor in the main menu. Choose to Create a New Map, size 225 sq units, and name it America when prompted for a name. After the blank map comes up, exit the Terrain Editor to the desktop. Go to the UserMaps folder and delete the America folder, but leave the America.SMR_Scenario file in place. Then cut and paste all the original America files from the temporary folder back to the UserMaps folder. Now startup SMR, choose Terrain Editor, and select Load Saved Map. The America.SMR_Scenario file should appear so you can select it. The Terrain Editor should startup showing the America map and all cities, but no industries. Now you can add industries where you want them. Good Luck.

  19. Ben

    After playing SMR years ago, I decided to buy the game again and play again. I wish they would do a new version…
    ANyway, I loved this map, very challenging, but I am running into a couple bugs.
    I can’t deliver 500 carloads of gold to CHicago or the weapons to Northfolk. Everytime I deliver stuffs there, nothing is counted down.
    Is this a common bug? or something I am doing wrong?
    Thanks, awesome map!

  20. TMiller

    Ben, This map randomly locates industries each time it is played. Unless Norfolk gets a Military Fort and Chicago gets a Stock Exchange at game startup, they will not pay for arms and gold, respectively. You will need to buy these industries for $500,000 each in each city to add them when they are not there. Click on Empty Lot after clicking on the city to get a menu of industries you can build. Once you buy a Stock Exchange for Chicago it should pay for gold shipments and record them in the Victory Scenario screen. Same goes for arms to Norfolk. – Good Luck.

  21. Ben

    I should have have thought about that…Again, great map!
    I wish someone would build a new version of that game. It is so challenging, and can be played again and again.

  22. Quasi

    This is my favorite map, and yes, I still play the sh*t out of SMR. the only issue I have is the limited resources, currently I am playing and there is only 1 grain field, and it’s on the far side of the map, sometimes I get no gold spawns. Makes it difficult to succeed. but great map, thank you for it.

  23. john gaydon

    I love this scenario. In an attempt to get it going properly, I eventually installed Windows 8 64 bit, and an updated run file which uses less memory. Now I can play all the way with no crashes! Before it was impossible.

  24. escher83

    This is one of the best maps I have played with SMR! I had no issues playing using the 3G enabler.
    Thanks so much for making this great map πŸ™‚

  25. Brian Preece

    I enjoyed this map as well. However, I think it is impossible to achieve all of the objectives unless you are dealt more than one iron ore mine, since so many objectives involve steel. The biggest challenge is building up various towns until they are big enough to generate passengers or get the empty lots you need. I think there is something odd about the speed calculation between Washington and New York, because the objective didn’t trigger even when I had an average speed of 69mph and like other players, I had to demolish a lot of stuff on the Eastern seaboard and build an absolutely straight line between Washington and New York starting as far apart as possible. Otherwise a great map

  26. Karsten

    You are not the only one frustrated by the dodgy nature of the speed objective. I avoid it in my maps.
    Other mapmakers have argued however, that high-speed trains in reality do get their own purpose-built, high-performance straight lines, so that this feature is OK as a challenge.
    So if one finds the speed condition in map objectives, it is best to plan ahead and leave open the space needed for constructing the dead straight line later, to avoid having to dismantle tons of stuff in the sluggish end phase of the game. Easier said than done, I know. πŸ™‚

  27. Maehlice

    I decided to pick up SMR again and am so glad I did. I had no idea all these custom maps existed and am happy now to play them. I’m amused I found “new life” in a game that will see its 7-year anniversary this month. (They really should make another one.)

    Anyhow, this this is definitely one of my favourites so far. My only criticism is that it seems to be too easy — especially without any AI opponents. Maybe I’m just lucky with the resource rolls. The only difficulty is building up the Villages for Passenger transport, but even that can be solved with time (about 38 years) if no resources are nearby to send it.

    With sufficient planning around a “mainline”, getting goods shipped around the country is pretty simple. At one point, I had my one Gold Ore mine in Mexico shipping ore via the mainline all the way to Montreal to build it up. Later, my smelter in Mexico City was shipping Gold around the country.

    This map has excellent replay value and is worth revisiting. Excellent job!

  28. John

    I own the steam version of Sid Meier’s Railroads, and was wondering how and where to download these maps to the game. I am new to this type of stuff, so please help if you can. Thanks

  29. Mike

    Can anyone else download this? The link won’t go.
    If someone still has a copy of this map, can they reload it to the website?

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