The High Desert

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Download: The High Desert V1

Welcome to The High Desert. This map plays in 3 Eras running from 1850 to 1940. It was designed as a single player SAM (Stand Alone Map) but I believe it should play reasonably well with AI. Please be sure there are no other files in your Usermaps or Custom folders. This map includes some new goods, industries, etc. There are no crossovers. To cross existing track you must switch through. This map covers the area of the Southern California high desert. There is a Goods List within the Warehouse folder which might prove useful. I hope that you enjoy The High Desert.


6 thoughts on “The High Desert

  1. Thorsten

    Very nice map once again, Slider38. Carry on your fantastic work!

  2. Guy

    Thank you Slider38. I continue to play and enjoy every map you make. As long as you keep creating new maps for us to enjoy, I will keep rolling down the track!

  3. slider38

    Thanks for the kind remarks. The next map is starting to take shape. Early days yet for that one.

  4. Minotaur


    Nice map, quite easy in single mode if to start not in Alamo. Alamo is bad starting point. It’s far from lumber and nearest towns. I was not able to complete era 1 goals.

  5. slider38

    Hi Minotaur. Thanks for giving the map a try. You might want to try the map at a lower difficulty and see if that gives you some new ideas about beating it at higher levels. I know that it can be beaten at the Robber Baron level. That is all my ace tester, railage plays, but I think he is a very skilled player. Certainly far beyond what I can do. Anyway, I hope you had some fun with it. Slider

  6. thepabray

    Thanks Slider38! This was a great map which I found very challenging. Played in Robber Baron mode with hard routing and no AIs, commencing in Bishop. It took me a couple of attempts to get the first set of objectives, but I found the second set of objectives the toughest, with so much rail to lay, particularly for the logistics of getting silver deliveries. Even the malleable rails patent hadn’t helped.

    Eventually I worked out how to do it: rather than keep trying to work on objective after objective, I concentrated on making a big money-making passenger/tourist/food double-track system between two cities. Although this chewed up time, it more than made up for it by providing lots of ready cash when I needed it, so I was able to catch up for lost time with interest. In the end, I made all objectives with 11 years to spare.

    The goods and engines were all excellent, as usual. The whistlestops were a nice touch. Thanks for this challenge – looking forward to the next one (when I get time…).

    Cheers, thepabray.

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