Hasta la vista, spam!

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If you’ve been following the forum you may have noticed my attempts at stopping spam. I have added a “trick” to the registration form that should and has stopped most spam bots from registering. I am also requiring admin approval of each user’s first post. With these two measures in place no spam has reached public viewing for a few days now.  Does anyone have a Victory banner handy?

If you are a new user on the forum don’t worry if your post doesn’t show up, it is simply being held in moderation until I get a chance to look at it. Once I’ve approved it you can continue posting like any other member.

On a sadder, yet unrelated note I woke up this morning to see that winter has started, my window will now look like this for the next six months.

5 thoughts on “Hasta la vista, spam!

  1. Diego

    Hello, I checked the forum but I do not get the confirmation email.
    I went to register with different email, as the forum says it is in use the first email address.
    With the second record I have not received a response.
    I suppose you have to do with anti-spam measures you have implemented in the forum.
    I would like to show a map that I have to see what you think.
    I love this game for years.
    A greeting.

    (google translator)

  2. vanhuyse johan

    Hi sir.
    Question, if i want to make a river with the in game map editor i find no way to paint a river on the map.
    what do i do wrong?

  3. Karsten

    Best to post this question on the Forum, see tab above.
    Short answer: lower the land to sea level, then a river appears.

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