15 thoughts on “New to using custom SMR maps?

  1. Kmanagerz

    I need some help. I’m running a Windows Vista 64bit computer. I can’t seem to find Boot.ini. and this link http://www.mediafire.com/?oqvgqywwemd doesn’t seem to lead me anywhere. Could somebody send me a copy of their already edited Railroads.exe? Or post it.

  2. Warll

    64bit versions of windows do not need to have their boot.ini edited, by default programs can already use extra RAM.

    That mediafire link contains an already edited version of railroads.exe

  3. Bus

    would be better for the maps page to have a ratings and date the map is published, and preferably size as well.

  4. Warll

    The map database actually does show the dates posted. We also used to have ratings but that didn’t work out for a few reasons, and the file size isn’t data I’ve been collecting, as well it wouldn’t say much about the map’s quality.

  5. Warll

    In general the majority of maps were released 2007-2008. Again like download size there is only but a very minor link between quality of year of release.

  6. Friedl

    Hey guys, hope someone can help. I am new to custom maps, read through everything, but am still unable to load custom maps. I downloaded a couple, also tried MapShifter, but if I point MapShifter to the directory with the new maps in, is does not display the maps?

    I tried manually managing the maps, but if I copy the contents of the downloaded map into USER/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’e Railroads! the new map does not load in the game?

    Please help, this is my all time favourite game 🙂

  7. Warll

    To use map shifter you have to change the file extension on the maps from .zip to .7z.

    To add manps manually you have to move them into the “USER/Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’e Railroads!/usermaps” folder.

  8. Kold Dragon

    ok, I am a bit on the illeterate side here, I have just reinstalled the game, (havent updated or anything yet), I have dl’d a bunch of the custom maps to there very own folder on my desktop, I have also dl’d the mapshifter, and yes, now Im completely lost….. Can you give me step by step instructions, and dumb em down so even a lil child could understand? Thanks in advance for your help.

  9. Warll

    Patch your game to 1.10, download 7-zip. Extract the map you would like to play to a temporary folder, then copy paste the contents of this folder to the usermaps folder inside the smr folder which can be found in the “my games” folder which is found in “my documents”.

    You can ignore the map shifter, I’m rewriting it is C++ and the new version should be a lot simpler, it only has one button and a file select dialog.

  10. Kold Dragon

    Got a link for 7-zip? Iknow I saw it but can’t find it again. Thanks again for the help!

  11. Michael

    I have just downloaded a few of the custom maps using the map shifter (which is a heavenly gift for us computer illiterate, thank u very much). I moved all the maps to the correct folder, and they show up in the game, but when I try to load the map my game crashes. Im assuming the game is up to date since I bought it thru steam.

    Running on Windows 7, if that means anything.

  12. Daniel

    You can only have one map installed at any one time, from the sounds of it you installed mutliple maps.

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