Here’s my Iceland map for “Railroads!”. Obviously Iceland isn’t known for its extensive rail network, (Iceland has no rail network) but I think it makes quite a playable game map. Unzip into your My DocumentsMy GamesSid Meier’s Railroads!


Craggy, Volcanic Isle in the North Atlantic

This scenario covers Iceland Key features: The Single-player Scenario includes these three eras::
  • 1850-1890: “The volcanic isle” It is 1850. You must feed the coastal villages of Iceland with fish and bring in the milkfrom the dairies.
    • Supply 20 carloads of milk to any village.
    • Deliver 20 carloads of fish to any town with a cannery.
    • Try to maintain at least a 20 percent share in your own company.
  • 1891-1930: “Mail by Rail” It is 1891. Encourage the growth of villages into towns by running an efficient mail delivery service. Then focus your efforts on building passengertraffic.
    • Move at least 20 cars of mail between villages, to attract trade to your stations.
    • Move at least 30 cars of passengers.
    • Build or purchase a textile mill in any town to support the Icelandic knitwear industry.
    • Attain a net worth of ISK10 million.
    • Expand your empire by buying a 50% stake in another company.
  • 1931-1980: “The modern era” It is 1931. Deliver the distinctive knitwear produced by your textile mills. Connect Akureyri to Reykjavik and meet the demand for medical suppliesat either hospital.
    • Connect Reykjavik to Akureyri, the principal town in the North.
    • Deliver 20 carloads of Icelandic knitwear to any town demanding clothing.
    • Deliver 20 carloads of medicine to Akureyrior Reykjavik.
    • Be the last railroad standing.