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Here’s my Iceland map for “Railroads!”. Obviously Iceland isn’t known for its extensive rail network,
(Iceland has no rail network) but I think it makes quite a playable game map.

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Craggy, Volcanic Isle in the North Atlantic

This scenario covers Iceland

Key features:

The Single-player Scenario includes these three eras::

  • 1850-1890: “The volcanic isle” It is 1850. You must feed the coastal villages of Iceland
    with fish and bring in the
    milkfrom the dairies.

    • Supply 20 carloads of milk to any village.
    • Deliver 20 carloads of fish to any town with a cannery.
    • Try to maintain at least a 20 percent share in your own company.
  • 1891-1930: “Mail by Rail” It is 1891. Encourage the growth of villages into towns by
    running an efficient mail delivery service.
    Then focus your efforts on building passengertraffic.

    • Move at least 20 cars of mail between villages, to attract trade to your stations.
    • Move at least 30 cars of passengers.
    • Build or purchase a textile mill in any town to support the Icelandic knitwear industry.
    • Attain a net worth of ISK10 million.
    • Expand your empire by buying a 50% stake in another company.
  • 1931-1980: “The modern era” It is 1931. Deliver the distinctive knitwear produced by your textile mills.
    Connect Akureyri
    to Reykjavik and meet the demand for
    medical suppliesat either hospital.

    • Connect Reykjavik
      to Akureyri,
      the principal town in the North.
    • Deliver 20 carloads of Icelandic knitwear to any town demanding clothing.
    • Deliver 20 carloads of medicine
      to Akureyrior Reykjavik.
    • Be the last railroad standing.

12 thoughts on “Iceland

  1. Mark

    Nice map and a reasonable scenario, thanks! I cycled around a lot of Iceland a few years ago and it was nice to be reminded of all the places I visited!

  2. KaiserWilhelm

    The biggest problem with this map is it’s unattractive to look at. I realize that Iceland has few trees (although it does have some), but this map could certainly use a few… along with things like rocks and such. It’s very difficult for me to stare at cities on a plain white background for hours on end. Otherwise, though, the map structure and goals and such are spot-on… although the initial requirements are so simple that they seem almost pointless.

  3. Stormer01

    I enjoyed this map completed it 46 years early. A couple of suggestions:

    1. Make the upgrades at the stations more expensive.
    2. Use the interior with bigger cites or resources so the terrain comes into play.

    Overall though a good map with good thought objectives and goals

  4. Jimbobbedyjobob

    OK! So I must have installed it wrong! Works fine now. I found it bloody hard though. Even playing at easiest! I started in Hofn, and there’s just NOTHING there. Though freinds from Iceland may beg to differ…

  5. tsjingtsjing

    This is the first map I’ve tried from this website (wich is great by the way!!). First of all, thank u for this scenario but I have some remarks:
    * the goals are far too easy (from where I started, near Reykjavic)
    * there are almost no cities of importance and you don’t actually need the dozens of small villages on the map. I finished all te goals of the 3 periods even 14 years before the end of period 1 and just played around Reykjavic and just that one goal city in the nord.
    * the map is quite ‘unattractive’ because everything is white and there is no vegetation.
    * how can I produce cars/steel if there’s no raw material for it?

    But all in all, an enjoyable map! Thank u!!

  6. Minotaur

    It is very easy if you start near Reykjavic. I’ve met all goals by 55 years before the end on “Robber Baron” with 3 AIs. Total absence of trees is quite annoying.

  7. Jon Smith

    Why can’t you modify the trains.xml file? I tried to remove some of trains, but the scenario won’t read those changes.

    Interesting map – enjoyed it.

    The coordinates for Heimaey need to be moved – they point to a location in the middle of the water, so you can’t install a depot there.

  8. karsten

    Interesting observation you made.
    The scenario points to
    so changing the scenario’s own train file is not going to have any effect.
    Amazing, the list of things to fix gets longer by the week…

  9. Jon Smith

    Found the reference to the UK file and changed it. Thanks

    If you are going to fix things, shouldn’t you add coal mines, since you have steel mills, power plants, and automobile factories? Iceland seems to have a prolific coal mining industry.

  10. Brian Preece

    As other correspondents have said, it’s quite easy to achieve the goals but fun to play as I don’t know anything about Iceland (other than that my friend Bally Siggurdson went to school with Bjork).

    Could be made a bit more challenging by making tunnels and bridges expensive in the early stages as has been done in some other maps.

  11. Dalesmann

    As a Mac user I have found that most of Mike’s maps work without crashing; my only suggestion is that he makes the scenarios a little more challenging. It would be interesting to know if he develops his maps on a mac.

    Australia is the other map that works without a glitch.

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