6 thoughts on “Side to Side 3

  1. Mojos

    I’ve tried to play this one several times and even downloaded it from another site but it crashes for me within the first five minutes of play everytime. I use a clean user maps folder so I don’t think my comp is the issue. Anyone else have an issue with this one?

  2. Mojos

    Hey Warll!
    Thanks again for quick reply. I have tried it with and without the enabler, it doesn’t seem to impact it. I was talking to Snoopy on Bobby’s site and he said there are some bugs in this one as well.

  3. Mojos

    Hi again! Snoopy has posted a fixed version of this one. I’m not sure how to link it though or if that’s kosher to do so. But since you are collecting all the maps for easy access you may wish to grab the corrected one at eric.bkbobby.com and put it up here.
    Thanks Warll and keep up the good work!

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