How to Show your new skin the RndHouse

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How to Show your new skin the RndHouse

Post by OzoB » Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:08 pm

This is very easy

To have a skin displayed in the RoundHouse
and on its ingame release

You Simply have to rename the 4 skinmaps to default
p5a_diff_v4, p5a_nrml_v4, p5a_emsk_v4, p5a_spec_v4

Rename files to::
p5a_diff, p5a_nrml, p5a_emsk, p5a_spec (NO _v#'s)

This is the defaults whut the game displays in the rndhouse

Now if you do not have access to the original default skin
(they are packed away in a .Fpk)
You will not see them until you remove or rename those files
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