Palm trees by lowell

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Palm trees by lowell

Post by Jancsika » Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:05 am

Here are the Palm trees and ddf's found in Sid's Pirates game (way down the post .) There are also a few sets of other island trees. I think all of them are in this folder I will double check later.

Apples would be great. I'm going to try and use Blender and see if I can get my Lime and Orange trees made. If I can't add them as "trees" to the game, I can always bring in the Orange and Lime Orchard buildings...then attach to the model the fields needed to the model, which having them attached to the model might be better than painting the trees in a row anyway. That's my new project for this week, get that done. I also will make a cotton bush, corn. I can make just about any plant in Vue 'd Esprit and a plant creator app I have.

Adding the new trees is the trick. You have to look in your Program Files/ 2KGames/Sid's RailRoads...etc. Then inside the Assets folder you will see the Trees.xml lists and the Clutter.xml list Most of the information about trees is listed in the Clutter file. It's all up to the number you assign the item and which group you assign it to. Then...and here is where I am, I think a trees.xml and/or a Clutter.xml list needs to be made inside the scenario maps files. But you have to add it to your main games files for them to show up inside the editor and for you to place them on maps.

Right now, they work perfect as decorations, take the same model and get it into the editor and they come out invisable. I have all my numbers and scales right, and the tree models are fine. So somewhere the game wants to see a listing and I am still digging.


Here is some of the editors Clutter.xml list for the 3palms tree...
<szIcon></szIcon>"this is the icon in the editor for the tree"
<TintColor1>13,69,10 </TintColor1>


It has texture 5 because it is mixed in with anouther set of trees and is number 165 in the group. Everything is perfect and built just like the way the game has their models. But something is missing, and it's not the models I have had them scattered everywhere for the game to see the models. It has something to do with the way things are listed and numbered somehow.

EDIT EDITHere's what Fraxis left as instructions inside the Clutter file...
<!-- Clutter stuff-->
<!-- Usage Notes: The ID of a clutter piece is used by the game to determine which image to place in the world. It is defined in the uID field of the entry and can be a number from 1 to 254. -->
<!-- The game representation of the clutter is divided into two parts, forest and everything else, which is currently rocks and shrubs. This is to allow a rock/shrub to exist at the same world location -->
<!-- as a tree object, providing a better density of objects. This means that tree IDs are in their own namespace and can use any ID from 1 to 254. -->
<!-- The rocks and shrubs share the second namespace so be careful when adding either of those so as not to use a duplicate ID. -->

"I used Id 165 in Tree Group 1." Being in this list should make this a Forest item. No shrubs or anything else uses number 165. ..."?"... still digging close though...but it's like everything else...I know I staring right at the answer, just too blind right now to see it...

That's it in a nutshell for new trees...and everything you didn't want to see and more.
Palm Trees.rar
These are from an old posting by Lowell
(1.36 MiB) Downloaded 644 times

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