Industry Building Block discussion

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Re: Industry Building Block discussion

Post by snoopy55 » Wed May 28, 2008 8:09 pm

Well, part of the problem is 'what's missing from new things in the maps' (and I ain't pointing no fingers).

When we make a Building Block we have certain requirements. In the case of an Industry, it requires, or should have, the following:

KFM or NIF model
Input Goods, or None
Output Goods, or None
Auction Image
Report Image

A few other things like a Growth KFM is nice, but not required.

I have a Vegetable Oil Plant that I'm tossing around. It is basically another existing Industry, but it has been reworked a bit. To have two different Industries in a map and they both look the same...well, I prefer to create a new structure, even if it is just making changes in an existing one. If you look at the Distribution Center Building Block, yes, it is rebuilt, and it is nice, but the Auction and Report images are shots of the building it was created from, not the building it ended up being. And I know, why did I post it if I felt it wasn't done. These were the first worked on and the first posted. You don't start first grade and do graduate work. Parts will be edited, but future Building Blocks will be built from the lessons learned.

A second thing is there is only one person working on building them and one or two working on testing them....not a very large production plant..... :roll: I just spent 3 days with about 8 hours of sleep because I'm working on a C&NW Engine. We're doing things with it that, while they may have been done before, the 'How' of it was not explained, so it is a lesson on how to do what was already done. And while I'm doing it I'm making notes and creating 'building blocks' to make future engines easier to do. And I'm enjoying myself. The searches for photos and information on CNW and it's equipment is fun, and educational.

People need to try to make some creations of their own and pass them by us for posting. Right now we are handling 7 different Building Block divisions, each trying to work on maps of our own, creating things for our maps (there are more industries and such, but we'd kinda like to present them in our own maps first.....) and helping with things on the forum. I tend to call this my Job since I don't work, and I really enjoy it, at least most of the time..... :mrgreen:

:mrgreen: Come on and join the corporation, Building Block Are Us! is hiring full time with lots of benefits and plenty of overtime! :mrgreen:
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