_v1 Passenger and Mail car variants

Various bits and pieces that are useful for creating new mods
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_v1 Passenger and Mail car variants

Post by PaF-Daddy » Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:09 pm

Yeah you can use this skins for your mods / maps.

Easy installation Method

You can easily drop one Mailcar_Diff.dds/passengerCar_Diff.dds into you Custom Assets folder of SMR!
That will overwrite the texture ingame and you will see the "new one" instead of it.

Advanced installation Method

If you are planning a mod or map without overwriting the standard textures in SMR!
i created a new set of kfm and nif files and a snippet of the needed xml code.

If you are using that textures for your map or mod do not forget me and my work :)

Kindest Regards

PaF Daddy
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_v1 colour sets for mail and passenger cars.rar
Okay updated easy weasy installation
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