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Disable Patents

Post by railage » Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:15 pm

Here it is! The end of the randomness of patents. This is a RRT_Patents XML file that only contains one entry which has no valid effect in the game.

Did you know that if you buy out an AI company that has expired patents, after the purchase you receive the effects again? So the lube patent would be 50% of 50%: you pay 25% of original maintenance costs. This can really unbalance a game in the long term.

Obviously, one can simply chose to not buy patents as a personal choice. This works if playing without AI. If AI are present it would a miracle if they don't snap up any patent that appears.

To use:
Paste this file into the map folder

Further info:
In rare cases the map might use a file named differently such as RRT_Patents_[Map Name], it's quick and simple to delete the old one and rename this one to exactly the same name.
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