Scrooge by Karsten

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Scrooge by Karsten

Post by karsten » Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:16 am

Scrooge by Karsten
The original Scrooge depended on the Firaxis Holiday Scenario being installed. Now Snoopy has provided a SAM version, and the map runs perfectly without the Holiday Scenario. Thanks, Snoopy, that must have been a lot of work! Check out the screenshots, Snoopy also added tenders to all steam engines.

Go get the SAM version! ( [3.75 MiB])

Since this is my own map, I will let others provide the tips and strategies. Have fun!

* Map keeps you focused, no sprawling network of railroads connecting everything to everything else, no rush to keep building new routes all the time ending with vast number of trains (quality over quantity any time)

* difficulty, you can really learn what works and what not, you only have enough money close to the end

* nice scenery, not flat land with no trees like some other custom maps I have seen, nice little touches like the bear catching fish

* I like that places are not close to each other and you can actually think about where to lay the tracks, where to put double track to accomodate more trains, whether to go around the mountains or build the tunnel, how to lay the track through difficult terrain

* no AI to bother with, just tight but doable goals, it may not be for everybody but I really like it.

Cool map. Finished 1st stage with 7 yrs to spare. Finished 3rd stage around 1915. Mogul level, Hard difficulty and no AI. I sold all the stocks at start. Set tracks from Shady Hollow to lumber mill. Set tracks from Shady Hollow to Tinseltown. Bid for company then start shipping lumber. Bid for company before shipping toys. Go around the mountain to connect with Grimey and use that same track to ship coal. The rest is easy.

Remember, this should be the only map in your UserMaps folder, and the CustomAssets folder needs to be empty.
Scrooge Layout.jpg

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