The Orient Express by Lama

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The Orient Express by Lama

Post by karsten » Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:56 am

The Orient Express by Lama

Story: Lama, a famous map maker for RRT3, wrote: "Guide the Balkans through a turbulent century with your skills as a railroad tycoon. In 1870, the Ottoman Empire still rules much of the area. Even after independence, the Balkans remain a trouble-spot. The Orient Express provides some glamour, nonetheless. After the Second World War, rebuilding the region is an uphill struggle. This is a challenging scenario."
Indeed, it is - as Robber Baron, you are initially almost guaranteed to fail. But try again, you get to operate some interesting European engines seldom seen on other maps.

Tips:The distribution of resources is random, so you need to scout out opportunities carefully.
With efficient routing, it is possible to reach some goal posts early and win 40 years in advance - as Robber Baron! Check out my routing example below.

Comment: Copy the decompressed map file into your USERMAPS folder. Remember, this should be the only map in your UserMaps folder, and the CustomAssets folder should be empty.

Get the download file [3.25 MiB] directly from the original thread here or, alternatively, download the .rar version below.
Lama's Orient Express Download File
(809.82 KiB) Downloaded 465 times
Lama Orient Routes WIN.jpg
Producing the Yugo .jpg

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