Making those AI's to your specs

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Making those AI's to your specs

Post by snoopy55 » Wed Jan 17, 2007 2:05 am

Mentioned, Asked, and now Answered 8)
AI stands for Artifical Intelligence, so it's only fitting that you can make them more artifical or intelligent. Here's how:

Go into \Sid Meier's Railroads!\Assets\XML, this is in the main program. Here you'll find RRT_Characters.xml. Open it and here you'll find the world of your compitition! 8) At this time there are 16 characters.
Each one has a Name, a LastName 5 .DDs files for expressions, a file that may handle those expressions :? and the fun part.
The numbers are all 0 to 4. I'm guessing 0 low, 4 high.
The first 2 I'm very sure of, the second 2 I think I have correct, tho if I'm wrong, someone correct me.
BuildSkill is how well they build their track and probally upgrades.
FinanceSkill is how they deal with the financial world.
I do believe that OperatorSkill controls their train operation, 0 for low grade and 4 for switching cars at every sytop to get the best money.
I think RobberSkill is for ripping off your goods from your cities, sneaking in and grabbing what they can.

Now it's also possible to create your own character with your own name.
Copy a character section and change the Name and LastName. then go into any Maps' Scenario and you will find an AICharacters section. Change that to match your Name or Names.

Have Fun :twisted:
I'm correct 97% of the time..... who cares about the other 4%....

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