Seefra 3 - A different strategy?

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Seefra 3 - A different strategy?

Post by railage » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:58 am

In the process of trying to fill out the task lists for viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3204&hilit=wolf , that evolved into a separate map because I changed the goods list. Mail has been removed. But this map is almost the same except in scenario setup and tasks. All credit for map creation is due to Star Ranger4, I hope he doesn't mind what I did. Snoopy55 also worked on it.

Strategy features:
- Existing industry starting-bid prices are much higher, possibly realistic
- Resource production is static, all entities are placed manually and start out Large size
- Passenger supply only in villages and towns
- Cities of any size produce passengers from processed goods like Beer, Autos, Gold etc., but smaller cities have a higher ratio. Very little incentive to grow specific cities to super size. Instead, run map-wide service.
- The capital is the only city with a passenger exchange, so player should concentrate passenger traffic to/from there.
- AI characteristics have been tweaked, they are less likely to steal from you, but will run a better railway.
- AI have a custom difficulty level to further improve their behavior.

There is no report yet on this map. Testers welcome. What do you think of the style?
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