How to Repaint a Train

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How to Repaint a Train

Post by Burlington_Northern_3140 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:09 am

You will need:
1.Pack Build at

2.Train to paint from ... =50&t=2485

3.Nif Skope at

4.Painting tool that uses dds files I use

5.small amount of experience

Step 1

Unpack FPK

Go into Pak Build and click Pak, Unpack and then go to the file that you have saved the train you have downloaded from snoppy55's building bloacks and look for a file type that is FPK. Click open and place the file back in the same folder as the FPK. Leave Pak Build and you have unpacked the FPK and can start working on the file

Step 2

Rename and set up files for new train

Look in your files in the engine you are using from snoppy55's building blocks thread that you have just unpacked. Find the dds files and then....
Lowell wrote:You right click on each file and rename it to what you want. Then open-up Nif skope and rename the enteries needed for what dda files you renamed. Then "Load" the kfm into Nifscope and on the right hand side, click on the + sign and expand the kfm will have to double click on the wording then it will let you edit the words. Hit the enter/return key to enter the changed name info on the kfm you need to save your changed kfm file...hit save up top like you do for the nif files, except before you totally save it, you need to use the expand the "save-file-as" drop arrow and chose to save the KFM will always default to save a nif file, so you have to use the drop down list to change it to KFM before saving a kfm file.

Newly named models will crash-out a map if mispelled or anything is missing, so don't panic, just re-read through everything and make sure you didn't mis anything or have a mispelling. after the first one you will see what I mean...then you will know how like the back of your hand.

A good way I test mine after making a new one is to load the Nif file again after I am all finished, making sure the texture dds shows and the model looks ready, then I load the kfm and make sure I see the same model fully textured and ready to go...if not I miassed something and I go back..
you have now renamed all of the dds files and can run the engine later in the game without problems.

Step 3

Paint the train

Now open the dds files with the paint program and edit them however you like then save them. After editing them, you can see what they look like on the train in the nif file labled train name.nif. The name will not have Dummies in it.

Step 4


When you are satisfied with your train, go back into Pack Build build a new FPK. Zip up the train and post it.
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