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Easy Event Images

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:42 pm
by slider38
Hi Guys, I confess I'm a newbie at this modding business, but I've been working on a map for a while and found this easy method for creating event images to match those in the original game. These would be the images used in the newspapers to announce the completion of a condition, or the announcements for an increase/decrease of a good. It's basically palatte swapping. The attached howto was written specifically for Paint Shop Pro as that is what I have, but should work with any paint program that can save and load 256 color 8 bit palattes. I've never used PhotoShop, which I know is popular, so I don't know it's capabilities, but I'd be surprised if it couldn't do the job.
I tried taking a sepia picture with my digital camera, but it just came out too orange. I think this result is much better. The attached file just walks you through the process of taking a game dds image, converting it to a tga file, reducing it's color depth to 256 colors, saving it's palatte and then applying that palatte to your image. Once you've done this once or twice, it's a snap.
The attached file also contains a small zip file that contains a copy of one of the event files, copies of the arrows in tga format for use creating increase and decrease images, as well as a copy of the game palatte, but that is specific to Paint Shop Pro. You will need to save your own copy of the palatte with your paint program if you use something else. Full speed ahead, Slider