Min System Requirements Fault

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Min System Requirements Fault

Post by ButchG » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:49 am

WinXP Pro
3GB Enabler
ATI Radeon HD3870 (2 Run in XFire)
1Tb HDD w/+400Mb Avail)

Was running 4 Corners (great map, needs to be bigger though) and had
a typical game crash. NBD. Restart and Now I get this message.

"Your machine does not meet the minimum system requirements to run Railroads!
The game cannot continue. Click OK to exit."

Wiped the game from my system, twice. Made sure to delete the files that
were left in the C:/Program directory. Reloaded....still get same message.
Both with and without mod 1.10, 3GB and using no map mods.

I really really really really wish this game was properly written. I'd pay $100
for a new SMRR capable of using all the capabilities of new computers.

Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? Beuler? Beuler?

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Re: Min System Requirements Fault

Post by karsten » Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:20 pm

Maybe you had an indexing program, or update running in the background, that was hogging the memory. (My game computer is not connected to the Internet to maximize resources for crash-free playing.) :D

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