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Custom map

Post by Bandit » Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:33 pm


There is some sort of bug in most custom made maps which i haven't discovered yet.

Here's the problem:

When i play multiplayer vs real players it only works fine when they have to load/transfering files for about 1 minute, that means it is going to work just fine.

Now when i want to play the same people a 2nd time they join instantly (without the 1 minute loading) and always crash right from the start.

Is there a solution for this multiplayer bug? (single player works just fine though)

Also i may have found a solution to avoid crashes in standard maps, here's what works for me:

After every game you played, quit the game to desktop (just close the game) and restart it from there, this works pretty well for me with my Vista computer where i regularly crashed like every hour i don't anymore.

Hope this helps for someone :)

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