Cant get any new engine to work

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Neighbor Kid
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Cant get any new engine to work

Post by Neighbor Kid » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:01 am

Hey guys It seems about dead around here, but if someone happens to see this thread and has the knowledge to help me that would be great.

When i first has this game it was on CD and I had Global RRT. Adding locos was easy.

Now i dont have the CD anymore and have 2 versions of this game.
1 legit version on steam
1 cracked version.

So with anything that I do.. the only thing that I got working is the tenders mod on the cracked version..which is not the most up to date version of the game. The steam version is and the tenders mod doesnt work.

I have went through all the Dls I wanted. Ive gone through the instructions. Its mildly confusing. Though I have copy and pasted many of text from and too the XML's./... I cant figure out why they don't appear in the game. the game runs fine.. I know when i screwed up when the game crashes if i modify an XML in which i shouldnt..

So im kinda noobish.. Doesnt anyone have any idea how i can get the Tender mod to work with the steam version, and how do i get a loco to work with the steam version.. and help is greatly appreciated!

If someone could create an EXE with all the Locomotives, rolling stock I think that would be marvelous.

I have gotten several maps to work on LAN with my friend. Best way to use it is Tunngle.

How would i go about installing custom locos and rolling stock in custom maps?

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