EMD F-Series Rebuild

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EMD F-Series Rebuild

Post by wingsofphoenix » Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:30 pm

This is Part 1 of my current project, the reworked F-Series A- and B-Units.

They were difficult to repaint and I wasnt happy with the shape and size.
So I gave it a more prototypical look, with some new details.

Version 1.0:
  • - seperated sides without decals
    - many new details, like cab interior with engineer
    - optional parts (explained below)
    - Polygon Count: F7-A up to 8041 , F7-B up to 5272
    - 3 Dual Engine Versions (ATSF 238 Freight, ATSF 306 Passenger, D&RGW 5654)
Optional Parts:
  • - 3 types of dynamic brake fan (none, 36", 48") as seperate shapes
    - optional steam generator for passenger engines (red border)
    - optional second (lower) headlight (green border)
    - 3 different grill types
    - and more
Most of them can just be alphaed out to remove them, as I did on some of the 3 sample versions (like removing roof overhang, tank skirting, horizontal headlight,...)

Not all of the optional stuff is included, eg. I have also blank versions of F3 and F9. I have sent snoopy all that stuff, he will most likely make them into construction kits at some appropriate time.
Can be found here then.

Well for now here are 3 finished versions:

Top: ATSF 306 Superchief, Mid: ATSF 238 Freight, Bottom: D&RGW 5654
Top: ATSF 306 Superchief, Mid: ATSF 238 Freight, Bottom: D&RGW 5654
Start the selfextracting archive and follow the instructions of the included ReadMe for XML editing.

Enjoy :mrgreen:
Version 1.0
(1.67 MiB) Downloaded 1133 times
Version 1.0
(1.61 MiB) Downloaded 1983 times
Version 1.0
(1.64 MiB) Downloaded 988 times

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Re: EMD F-Series Rebuild

Post by karsten » Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:42 pm

Very nice indeed. 8)

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Re: EMD F-Series Rebuild

Post by James10031990 » Sat Aug 24, 2013 9:51 am

Cool, thanks)

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