My name is Daniel. I am the administrator of SMR Simple. Way back 12+ years ago I setup SMR Simple because I saw an incredible community of map makers who deserved to have their maps played more.


Since then I moved to Japan, started a career in game development, and now I’ve gone independent to make RAILGRADE: a game I think you guys will like. It takes notes from SMR, with a quest structure similar to the best of SMR’s custom maps. Better than SMR: it has a full story with over 30 campaign missions plus a bunch of stand alone “contract” missions.


RAILGRADE is my attempt to bring back the joy I had as a kid playing Railroad Tycoon II Deluxe. I hope everyone who has enjoyed SMR will consider giving RAILGRADE a try.


Perhaps the biggest difference between RAILGRADE and SMR is in train routing. I noticed within the SMR community our common knowledge dictated “One train, one track”. This was caused by the silly-ness of the SMR train auto-routing which can easily get trains needlessly running on the same track thus blocking each other. Thus the community suggested meta is to never have switches or allow trains to switch track. I took this to heart: RAILGRADE has no switches. Instead trains follow the track. This vastly reduces the complexity in managing trains. Instead allowing players to build waaaayyy more trains.


Please check out the DEMO during the Steam Festival. Or Wishlist RAILGRADE on Steam.